Samsung’s Galaxy S10 UI Software Is BEAUTIFUL

Samsung’s new Galaxy S10 software has been leaked onto XDA developers, and it’s going to look absolutely BEAUTIFUL. This new version of touchwiz or “Samsung Experience” has SIGNIFICANT changes, most of them welcome, some are so-so.

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22 Replies to “Samsung’s Galaxy S10 UI Software Is BEAUTIFUL”

  1. Eduardo Alfonso

    as for the camera mode, it wasn't apple that did it first, it was Nokia on the Lumia 1020 I believe. p.s. also dark mode was first implemented by windows phone, the same with live pictures, portrait mode, sadly, the user adoption wasn't there, but, they did have a bunch of great ideas that were put into practice, for example, voice mail was put alongside the phone and contacts, it wasn't a separate app, along with the social tab inside contacts, it bunched in posts from your contacts on fb, ig and twitter (they didn't like it, because, it didn't allow for advertising), and other awesome features that we are slowly getting on the other 2 platforms.

  2. Zixi Tech

    This is Samsung Experience 10 and it comes to s9 and s9plus as android pie update this isn't S10 UI.If you have snapdragon s9 plus you can actually instal this on your phone because S experience 10 is in alfa mode testing(Not yet beta its buggy but it works).

  3. Kyle Linder

    He missed one thing with the recents thing is that you can copy and paste things between apps within the recents page. I think that is a really convenient and awesome feature that makes it worth it. Plus I've actually been using it recently through goodlock and I actually like it quite a bit. Especially since you can minimize the icons for apps for use one handed. Look into it if you want to know more.

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