Samsung's foldable phone is officially the 'Galaxy Fold'

The company’s foldable phone stole the show.

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30 Replies to “Samsung's foldable phone is officially the 'Galaxy Fold'”

  1. Chris Cross

    much smarter to make a tiny flip phone, and then when opened it'll be normal size phone. Nobody wants to carry around a TABLET all the time, but many like small compact phones. Samsung needs to re-think this.

  2. Vin C

    Apple hate is real. The haters bring in Apple comments to a totally non-related subject. If someone is critiquing this product and you don't agree, use some rational to counter instead of bringing is Apple. Are you that paranoid about Apple, and that you can't think of a logical way to support this product?

  3. abhishek agrawal

    I like the Huawai design better though,
    First : It fits nicely, doesn't seem to have any gap when device is folder, Samsung's just doesn't feel right.
    Second : On Huawei you can use both the screens even when the devices is folded, While on Samsung you'd have to unfold to use both the screens, which renders the outer screen useless during that time.
    Single screen of the samsung seems very poor, so basically either you use it full opened, or you stick with basic functionality on the front screen, while on Mate X we get to use both the full one side screen with all its colours and glory, without unfolding the device.

    Yes there may some concerns about the durability of the outwards folding screen, but I am also not sure about Samsung's gap, Looks like a very poor design choice, same for the bad use of screen, and cameras, 6 cameras more of a gimmick then a feature, user can't use more then 3 at any time, and most of the time if you want to take a quick shot without unfolding you are stuck with 2 or 1 then what's the point of 6 cameras placed so badly ??

    Note : I am not comparing about the performance, just the general design of the products.

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