Samsung’s Foldable Phone First Look – The Infinity Flex ?

Samsung just unveiled their first fold-able display, the Infinity Flex at the Samsung Developer Conference 2018, let’s take a closer look.
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48 Replies to “Samsung’s Foldable Phone First Look – The Infinity Flex ?”

  1. michell guzelgul

    I'm fully behind it assuming the front screen isn't that small. That's a deal breaker. The reality Is that 80% of the day you will be in the front screen. Therefore I can see myself going back to that type of style after I have been using the galaxy s8 with almost no bezel. I really hold this is changed before the final design as it is a deal breaker and I really want one of these.

  2. Emre Yavuzoğlu

    It’s stupid. It’s way too thick to carry around easily. I feel like we’re going back to the dinosaur phones of old… If you want a bigger screen, get a tablet. A phone is supposed to be small and portable :/

  3. Schrödinger

    When Samsung released the first Phablet phone size "Note 1", almost everyone laughed (except the owners and me). I waited for the gen2 "Note 2" then bought one as soon as it arrived. It was a nice screen real estate at the time –fast forward 2018, look at all phone screen sizes and form factors. It can all be traced/compared to the "Phablet" size that samsung introduced.

    You don't know you need a tech/device type until someone makes a prototype and a bold move to release it later as a consumer device. This is real innovation with lots of use cases not only as a tablet but as a wearable form factor. Use your head before claiming it as gimmicky. It is still a "first gen" tech, it will definitely be refined as time progresses. A lot of research and investment has been put on a new display tech like this.

    By then, everybody (especially Apple) have copied it and will probably name it "LIQUID FOLDING RETINA DISPLAY". And all the blind Apple sheeps will glorify and eat it.

  4. Konstantinos Bobotis

    General question: why when apple removed the headphone jack everyone started flaming them but when pixel removed it they said this is the future?
    Another one: why when apple created the big notch everyone said it was gross but when more android phos created it they said it looke fine
    Another question
    Why do people complain about the price of apple products when samsung has exacrly the same ones

  5. JW Fan

    Kind of sad all anyone in these comments can do is make thinly veiled Apple jokes. We’re talking about Samsung here guys. Just because one company is doing stuff you don’t like doesn’t mean we disregard the mistakes of the company you have a bias towards. This phone makes no sense. It’s ugly, it compromises on things that are standard in every flagship and in exchange you get a useless gimmick. They didn’t show the product in full because they’re embarrassed of what it looks like without that “case” around it. This is not at all practical for basically anyone.

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