Samsung unveil the world’s first selfie

Samsung Electronics unveiled the world’s first selfie sent to space, captured by actor, model and philanthropist Cara Delevingne and shown for the first time during a celebrity-filled event at the newly-opened Samsung KX experience space. The selfie is the first of many that Samsung will lift into the stratosphere this month as part of SpaceSelfie, a mission to give everyone the chance to get their face in space.

32 Replies to “Samsung unveil the world’s first selfie”

  1. ミゲルルイス

    G'day SK mate!! Are you going to hospital to die in the afternoon?
    Oh! Struck by space debris? HaHaHa! Don't worry SK yourself is certainly a debris on the earth. And you controlled your ufo to hit the target in the land! You are much better than Kim-JW's missile. What an amazing industrial technologies! We totally surrender.

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