Samsung TV Won't Turn On- Simplest Trick to Fix

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I am doing this to our TV sets for many years. This problem occurs if the TV is not turned on for many weeks or even months. My understanding here is that the capacitor is discharging or change capacitance if not used due to a leaky capacitor. I order to fix this the service center change the whole board and will cost you a lot of money. Being a technician, my job is to trouble shoot and find ways to fix before calling a service center. This is effective to me and want to share to others too. This is the first time you will see this on Youtube and if you are a Tech Youtuber and want to make your own video like this please give me a shout out. Thank you for watching and see you on my other videos.

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21 Replies to “Samsung TV Won't Turn On- Simplest Trick to Fix”

  1. Mike C

    My Samsung clicks when I turn it on.
    I read it could be the capacitors so I opened it up but could not find any leaky capacitors.
    Was going to remove them one by one and test for continuity with Ohm meter but there are a lot
    Of them and don’t know where to start.
    I read start with biggest and work to smallest but am skeptical.
    Any advice would be appreciated.

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