Samsung TV UE55H7000ST – Wifi Problems (Part 3)

I’ve recently purchased a Samsung TV UE55H7000ST on Nov 2014, but I’m continuously experiencing the same problems:

– Remote control commands are taking too long or don’t execute
– Wifi connectivity and discovery don’t work
– TV powers on by itself after power off

These three problems appear randomly after a TV restart (may appear or may not) and I haven’t found an exact process to reproduce them.

I’m documenting them on video, so anybody else facing the same problems can comment and show Samsung that the problems for the specific model do exist.

This video is Part 3, demonstrating Wifi connectivity problems.

Please comment if you face similar experiences.

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  1. Savage 69

    hey I have a little other probleme here .. it allways connects me to wifi then I want to agree to terms and policy so I can use aps .. netflix,youtube.. but when I press select it the the Terms and Conditions, privacy policy pops up and its writing .. Downloading.. This may take a while, depending on your network speed few minutes later like 2 minutes it shows me There are some problems please contact the samsung call centre for assistance. (Message code : 0-1) SOMEONE HELP ME PLEEAAASE

  2. gmailer1978

    Hi Konstantinos!
    I've got an UE48H6410 model and the problem is the same, exactly the same.
    My TV is out of warranty and so I've opened it to reset wifi module named WIDT30Q.
    After its hardware reset wifi function good for 1 week or more, but then the problem return.
    Can you write me the final solution to resolve?
    If I buy a new WIFI module will I resolve?
    Thank you so much!

  3. Chris trageas

    και εγω πειρα μια καινουργια κια δεν μαπινει στο νετ καθολου μπανω στο app να κανω το prive policy κανει loading και τπτ και μου βγαζει messege error 0-1

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