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  1. snewcomer22

    This appears to have worked for me for now. I did a lot of research spoke to Samsung parts and if this does not fix the issue the part needed is the power board. Samsung part number BN44-00621A (for 7100 series)its $253 new from Samsung parts but found it on eBay new for $80.

    Here’s the link to Samsung parts.

    Put your model number in the search on top left and find the power board. Then search eBay for the part.

  2. 50AE

    As soon as I unplugged the hdmi cords my tv was able to finally turn on and then found the setting you were talking about had to turn off auto off first then the net thing

  3. Aaron Burge

    Dude you are my hero! For those having difficulty even getting to the settings menu without it turning off, I had to use the small "joystick" on the back of the tv itself, as using the remote would just turn it off.

  4. Trevor tenhaaf

    Youre a legend, this whole time my solution was whenever it would go into its spasm of turning on and off i would just smack the back of the tv and for some reason that worked but over time it would go back into its spasms and im so glad i dont have to do that anymore. Thanks alot man!!

  5. Derek S

    For moths I have been trying to correct this problem. I finally Called Samsung and had to jump through hoops to get them to agree to repair my TV on warranty (bought TV less than a year ago) as I was complaining that my 65" 4K Samsung TV would turn off at any given time with no specific time pattern (some times could turn off after an hour or as little as every 10 minutes). The warranty repair company came by and were baffled and tried by changing the "power bar "unit that comes with the TV. After an hour of not turning off I finally figured out my dilemma was solved…
    Much to my dismay the problem started the next day. I searched how to solve the issue many times before without any luck, lo and behold I came across your video and said probably another fix that won't work. I had nothing to lose so after turning off ANYnet function I just finished watching 3 hours of TV for the first time without it turning off. I can't believe the techs at SAMSUNG over the phone didn't even tell me about trying this option to solve the issue. Also the warranty technician who is supposedly an expert in trouble shooting had no clue about this fix either.
    All I want to say is thank you for making my TV watching experiences enjoyable again!!!

  6. Mac Pelao

    my samsung tv… every day, it reboots by itself.. it's always between 2 and 2:30pm, every single day when the TV is ON… I have everything turned off related to saving power…haven't been able to tell what it is.

  7. aabsc

    That's not the problem in my case, I have a Samsung LCD monitor and it "hallucinates" presses on the overly sensitive fake touch power button and turns itself off sometimes every few minutes, sometimes every few seconds. I just had the worst case where I literally had to turn it back on well over 100 times in just a few minutes, it would stay on for 2-3 seconds, then 5-10, and I'm now at the point where it has remained on for a few minutes. However I no longer trust it or any Samsung product and will be getting a non-Samsung screen that has real physical/mechanical power buttons, I'm never getting a touch sensitive button screen ever again.

  8. Poet DeHart

    Thank you! My TV turned off randomly and would not turn back on! Once you said to unplug the HDMI cables it came right back on! Now I need to find out the reason why it turned off in the first place!

  9. New Yorks Finest

    My samsun TV turns off and on when it's cold. I heated the back of the TV with a heater and within 5 mins or so the TV worked but we cant keep doing that whenever we want to watch TV I order a new min board and will see if that fixed the problem

  10. VectorNinja1

    Omg saved my life Samsung support has no idea and wanted me to send it out for repairs after the tried to remotely update my smart tv ! And I took the tv off the wall and put it in my closet well no I need a tv and the only one was this one in my closet for months and it still had the same issues ofc and this video fixed it I’m sure

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