1. Jerry Ellzey

    I have a Samsung 65 plasma that will turn off after it's been on for a while and stay off. I then ha e to wait a while and unplug and hold finger over power button for 30 seconds, then it will turn back on. But now it's doing it more frequently. Would this be the same/similar repair on the plasma, as opposed to lcd?

  2. Michel Ocampo

    I waited two days to write this comment, my TV used to turn off by itself after couple hours and that's when I had it unplugged for a couple months, now after I fixed it (thanks to your video) I can happily say that THIS WORKS! I appreciate so much that you shared this video
    The model of my TV is:
    40" SMART TV

  3. The Entertainment Channel

    I have an old Samsung LCD TV. It started randomly turning off and on again> Sometimes just a few minutes after being turned on, sometimes after hours. And it does turn on either straight away or it does after few mins, but all the time the red LED is flashing. I have noticed that unplugging the power cord and plugging it back in fixes the problem most of the time? Do you think it might be a bad capacitor?

  4. Lionel Mm

    I have a Samsung f7000 Serie and the problem is, every 40 or 50 second the tv turns off back to standby. Its possible to turn on the tv directy but after 40 or 50 seconds again the tv going to standby again. Who can help me?

  5. Ratcat17

    Why not just say – If your TV turns off intermittently replace the four/five main caps on the power supply? It would save time having to trowel through vids for possible fixes.


    Hi Tampatec, my samsung smart tv turns on and off randomly, when it reaches samung smart tv on the screen its goes off and it will turn on again, please i need your help

  7. Guy Larmore

    Thanks for the power supply video! I fixed my Samsung 19" tv by replacing capacitors in the power supply. I don't understand, before I order capacitor kit I read the power supply all voltage were 14.7 V witch it good but tv still did not work. The only indication that power supply was bad was the capacitor had bulge in the top. Thank you need more video!

  8. X- Rated

    I need your help. I just bought a refurbished UN55F6300 and less than 3 weeks later I have the power cycling issue. Additionally, when the tv is working properly if I hit the menu buttons on the remote it immediately begins the power cycling issue. What do you believe the problem might be??? Please help I'm having a Superbowl party and need to have this thing. working. Please help!!!! THANKS!!!!!

  9. Ralph Kluge

    hey Tampatec, been following you everytime i have a repair, thanks for your vids man.
    I just got a LG 47 LY3DE lcd and it restarts intermittently, but only in TV reception mode, not on HDMI. do you think this is a power supply issue? cheers

  10. yurian Huizing

    i have a 40" samsung 1080p 3d led tv and the red led blinks slowly and the samsung logo blinks on the screen but the backlight is not on (you can se the samsung logo only if you use a flashlight) whats wrong with the tv.
    i think the power pcb

  11. Maria Arnone

    thanks for your helpful videos. I was able to change 2 blown caps thanks to your help and fixed the repeated clicking problem, but now the screen randomly goes blank for a few seconds, then resumes. any suggestions about what i should do now? tv is a samsung 2008 thank you!

  12. gimmedap

    Hi, do you have a repair shop? I'm in Seminole and have a 60" Samsung Plasma that went black while watching and now won't turn back on. It doesn't respond to the remote or to the power button on the set. If you don't have a shop, can you recommend anyone local I can call for service?

  13. James Brookins

    I have a Samsung flat screen, and some times it comes on when it wants too. The red light is always blinking, and the person that I got it from says the problem is the on and off switch. Any suggestings?

  14. AJ-Canes

    what do you think is wrong with my samsung tv, it randomly shuts down, but only in pc-mode (vga)? it also has little color error (2 or 3 stripes in middle of screen). it doesn't automatically start up, can't get picture to show up in pc-mode also? shuts down even vga unplugged

  15. Richard Macintyre

    What exactly are these capacitors related to? I was just given a Samsung that had this issue. I'm on my fifth DVD and no issues yet. Are the capacitors affected by use of the tuner and Internet features?

  16. Keaton Nelson

    +Tampatec I just got a ps4 and ever since my TV will turn off then it turns off over and over a second after I turned on the TV. and it turns itself off at least every 5 to 8 minutes. Do you have any suggestions?

  17. Tainowarrior00707

    I have a Samsung M# LN-T4071F is turning on and off i check the caps and they weren't bulging or displace at all ,i replace the caps anyway and it didn't fix the problem unfortunately, What else could it possibly be any help will be grateful.

  18. Renato Coutinho

    Hey, do you know if there is a replacement LEDs for the screen of the UN40F6400? my tv has a darker area (not black w/o image) from the half up to the top of screen… it makes me mad when I try to see some movies…
    I think it is the LEDs that aren`t working on at some part of the screen…

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