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  1. Electro Soft, Incorporated

    This is a great video.  A few people who were not comfortable with soldering have sent their boards to us and we were able to repair them cheaper than their TV repair store.  We will share this video with others who ask if there is a way to do it at home.

  2. Miltn72

    my 40" samsung doesn't turn on. but the capacitors look intact. i wonder if the fuses might be the problem. they have a line in the middle. don't know if that's normal.

  3. Arturo Glez

    Great video , you seem to know well all this power supply fix , if I want some professional to fix this problem , how much you thing a fair fee charge would be ?
    Thank you in advance !

  4. cuddles6938

    My LG has tape everywhere around the shields where metal touches metal with anti static ribbon tape. I am surprised your Samsung does not use this kind of tape to keep boards and things from shorting out. Mine was fine til we had a local outage due to upgrading the sub station in town and they did not tell my parents like they did in years past to unplug expensive electronics before the power came back on. A surge protector did not protect it and the fuse blew now I am replacing the fuse on the LG 32XL1 and hoping nothing else is wrong.

  5. Holly Toy

    I have a question on the repair.  My capacitors look ok but the little things in between them (the ones that are covered in blue sleeves) look burnt.  Could those be what is causing my problem?  The top one has a shiny clear top that looks like a light bulb down in there while the two others look gray and flat (almost burnt).  Whats your opinion?  The set will come on with the screen getting lighter like there is some sort of light going on and there is sound but no picture or menu appearing.  I've tried unplugging and all that but all I get is sound and a lighter black screen.  I'd show you pictures of the little blue sleeved tubes but I don't know how to post them here.  

  6. 1cobourn

     my screen went black the other day and i couldn't figure it out. after deciding i needed a new power supply board i happened to notice a piece of solder fusing an integrated circuit together. i melted the solder from the 2 legs of the ic and boom tv works.

  7. Kris Kite

    Yup – I agree with pretty much everyone else; you and your family are awesome! I read about this repair and felt pretty confident doing it myself, but the video was great to have! Thank you very much for the tutorial.

  8. mrnmrn1

    It's nice that you doesn't follow the trend: if faulty, throw it away… But $3.85 per capacitor?! It's very expensive! Way cheaper than the official service, though. But I can buy 9pcs of premium quality NIC NRSG Ultra-low ESR 1000uF 16V for $3.50. What type of capacitors have you used? I can see that you leave 2 pcs of the original capacitors, maybe are the new, bulkier capacitors are too big? It's essential to use only 105*C Low-ESR capacitors here, only from traditional manufacturers.

  9. Electone_Guy

    Nice job. Doesn't say much about Samsung reliability though. My LG 50" plasma just starting shutting off when turned on and the repair shop replaced 5 caps in the power supply board. Only cost $73.00 to get it fixed.

  10. Rewind R

    Very helpful, I have a samsung LCD TV LN52A650, my issue is tv turn on fine, picture is perfect but after aprox 30~45 minute of use image turns redish, like black and blues turns red. No bulging caps on the power supply. Any idea what it could be, please help.

  11. brian lindsey

    Thank you.You saved my 32 inch Samsung and saved me from spending another $300 for a new one.I am sure you know that many brands of TV's have this same problem with blown capacitors.Many thanks again to you for hrlping everyone fix this problem.

  12. joe star

    Great job on your videos!! Very informative.. My question is I have (2) Olevia 242 S11 flat screen TVs. Neither one will turn on same as your Samsung. When I am able to get a picture on one the sound went out. I shut the TV off and tried to restart it now no pic, no sound, black screen. Do you think both problems are related to the capacitors? Or would it be two diff problems?
    Would the capacitor replacment kit include a capacitor for the sound? bbb

  13. Leandro Arce

    I did all of this, it is very helpful, Thank You so much!, but it did not turn on, I put the negatives and positives right, the right compositors and more, but is not turning on. Do you guys think is the Fuse that is done and buy another one, or what else? Thanks for the response

  14. C'mon Son

    I don't have any of the necessary tools (to work on the board), would you mind telling me what I should pick up? Looks like I'll need a soldering iron (or station), flux, solder…

  15. Jile Meyn

    My TV was slow to start-up so I opened it up and two 1000uf 10v Capacitor had blown and two 1000uf 25v Capacitor's where still in working order. Am I ok to use the TV until the new capacitor's arrive in the mail? or is this putting unnecessary strain on the remaining capacitors? and should I replace all four at the same time even though two are still working?

  16. Kiko1605

    You R the man! Today we did what you showed in your video. And… It WORKS! It was a hour work that includes going out for the parts =€3,30 😉 You saved us €270 today! We openend a bottle of Cava to celebrate it and in your health. Greetings from The Netherlands..

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