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  1. Colin Blakemore

    Seriously though, I have been watching your videos for about three years and have since repaired quite a few laptops following your techniques. However, I thought you might be interested to hear about my exploits in trying to fix a HP Mini notebook; I determined there was short on the main 19V power rail and even tracked it to being on the 19v side of one of the lower power supplies; one of the "Always on" power supplies. But I couldn't pinpoint it in the end. I tried the "power supply" method and unfortunately it didn't even warm the board at all!. 5A and the board stayed cold! In the end I got so frustrated that I started removing coils to try to isolate the fault but there were too many possibilities for the fault that in the end I gave up and bought a replacement motherboard. I even removed the CPU because the short seemed to be in that power supply, but the short still existed without the CPU on the board! Obviously the short, wherever it is, was so perfect that it provided no resistance and therefore generated no heat anywhere! I even soldered the power supply to the shorted rail and left it discharging 5A (at about 5V) for a long time, with NO HEAT generated anywhere! I wondered whether you might have given up too, or whether you might have had another strategy in this case? Thank you for all your videos, which have helped me understand electronics alongside my other studies!

  2. Colin Blakemore

    I was going to join as a member, but I tried to add a comment detailing my experiences following your videos, and it dumped me out after typing quite a lengthy message, so I have decided to follow Diana instead! 🤣🤣🤣


    hey boss, what's the name of the small metal part within the TV back panel – where you screw the screw to mount the TV…. two of mine broken…. need replacement part….

  4. Andrew_koala

    03:07 Sometimes it happens that the knowledge is misplaced in one's memory.
    It is not that we forget. It is that there is so much information in storage that the mind cannot
    easily find it and recall that information.
    Eventually, the mind will find it.
    What you are thinking of is 'Power Correction Factor"
    What happens is, later … when the mind is not so focused on memory recall, it will work in
    the background when you are more relaxed with, perhaps a coffee, and suddenly …
    It all comes back to mind.

  5. Bob R

    Do you have any tips for repairing a tv like that one where the screen has gone dark on one side? The dark strip extends from the left edge and covers about 10% of the screen.

  6. ed burn

    I have been watching your videos for some years now and I have learnt a lot from you thanks for sharing your knowledge, I have learn the majority of electronic things from your videos. I have a question why sometime you remove the mosfet from the laptop motherboard before you do the bridge and sometime you leave the mosfet . thank you sorin my name is ed and I am from trinidad

  7. Mario

    Thats samsung 50inch smart tv power board isnt?, i have an issue with that kind of board, the high voltage to primer + from FET are fluctuating. How is that happen?

  8. MrRvdbeek

    Thanks I find a little time to watching the videos.
    Long time to hot to work. Now it’s better.
    Saving 15$ in a jeer cost repair 80£ thanks for saving it for Sorin

  9. Cigan Ovidiu

    Hi, I am a romanian guy like you with a big problem. I have a MSI GP65 leopard 9sd-021nl and it s not working. It s about the motherboard. Can we talk in private about this?

  10. Luis Hurtado

    I'm so addicted to watching Sorin's videos. Reminds me of some of the guys I used to work with when I did laptop repair. I'm getting back into repairing circuit boards and I'm brushing up on "street smart" techniques like Sorin does. Love this guy. Does anyone know what the pad is that he is using to cool down chips after using hot air? What is that?

  11. Kelvin Kiama

    Hi Hp pavillion d4 no light on the charging and blinking on battery led. On switcthing on nothing pressing windows + B switches on and no display on the screen. Fan runs continuously no stop all led lights remain on.

  12. Jen Gable

    Speaking of TV's, it is unnerving when you come back from being gone all day and find your TV on Telemundo when you never put it on there initially. On another note, I am still having problems with my Toshiba Satellite computer.

  13. abeleski

    Wtf. He fixed a faulty power supply by cutting a track and soldering on some junk piece of wire. !!!! Break it till its fixed method. I have heard of this level 5 mastery but never seen it till now

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