14 Replies to “Samsung TV NU7400 Installing APPs on Tizen V4 2018”

  1. yanai L

    I have the nu7400 (2018). Too bad that Samsung decided on the tizen operating system.

    The smart hub is also annoying. They force us to see the apps they pre-installed without being able to delete them.

    The remote control is also bad because it is mostly suitable for Samsung and is not compatible with Android boxes made in China.

    Developers have more difficulty to develop a tizen app than Android ,so why should we be Samsung's lab rat.?

  2. spark001uk

    Hey Brian. Just wondered if your shazam is still working on your TV? It's disappeared on mine! Was working fine couple of days ago, now went to use it again and it's completely vanished! No icon in search bar, voice call-up doesn't work, nothing. Reset smart hub, still nothing. Very odd.

  3. Benimation

    Hi Brian. I'm considering purchasing the nu7400 43" TV. I've read that the dashboard has adverts, do you find these annoying? Can they be turned off? Also what is the stand footprint dimensions, width and depth? Thanks very much. Ben

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