SAMSUNG TV Hidden Service Menu/Mode

Access Samsung TV Service menu. If this method is not working on your TV try this one it should work on any TV.
Don”t change any of the settings if you don’t know what they do. Wrong value could brick your TV.
The menu items can be selected with the “CURSOR UP/DOWN” key
With the “CURSOR LEFT/RIGHT” keys, it is possible to:
– (De) activate the selected menu item.
– (De) activate the selected sub menu.
With the “OK” key, it is possible to activate the selected action.

35 Replies to “SAMSUNG TV Hidden Service Menu/Mode”

  1. Andrew Hollenberg

    Hi everyone. I could really use your help. I have a Samsung UN55F6300 55" tv. I entered the service – engineering menu to enable Bluetooth for my wireless headphones. Options > Engineering Option > BT Audio change from off to on > then MRT option > BT Support change from off to on. The issue is that I accidentally changed something that messed up my HDMI 3 and 4 inputs. Now, when I have a device plugged into HDMI 3 it is grayed out and HDMI 4 is highlighted. If I select HDMI 4 it says no signal. Of course it does, I have the device plugged into HDMI 3. The same thing happens if I plug the device into HDMI 4. It appears that whatever it was that I accidentally changed resulted in the HDMI 3 and 4 inputs as being "flipped". I am so frustrated as I can't figure out what to change. I contacted Samsung support and we tried a factory reset as well as other troubleshooting but they didn't know what setting to change back. Can anyone help me with this please.

  2. Paul G.

    Does not work on my NU8009 (2019). I had to use (while TV is ON): MUTE 119 then you get a small menu. Then press 1234 and you get the BIG menu 🙂 Tested with FW 1202.3

  3. bilaathi kodam

    My TV is Samsung UA40F6400 model…when i press mute+1+1+9+enter i can enter to service menu but shows very few options like hospitality settings etc…no engineering menu option….any idea?

  4. Lena asd

    I have a UN32D5500 and i am unable to perform a factory reset. I can enter to the menu described in this video, but when i get to the "factory reset" option, the option is neither white nor yellow, is red because is disabled. Somebody knows how i can fix this?

  5. Alfamonk

    Hi! Thanks for the infos! Can you please tell me how to adjust vertical / horizontal alignment? Or if there is an overscan function? My Samsung TV is cutting me a few pixels from bottom and right side, even on HDMI and PC Mode. Thanks in advance and keep up the good work!

  6. Rojal Jalal

    Bro, i had changed my model number accidently from the service menu . Now the screen is not working only sound . help!!!
    am using 40 inch LCD model LA40B550K . is there any way to get it back .

  7. Pedro Fernandez

    Please can you help me, I can not access this way, I have a samsung series 6 smart tv with italian country and I have to change to spain., Can you please tell me how to access the service menu because with the combination it indicates by quickly pressing info + Menu + mute + power, this way it does not work and I have that command with the same functions but I can not access, waiting for your response, Thanks.

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