Samsung TV Comparison: TU7000 Series vs TU8000 Series

In this video, we talk about the differences between the Samsung TU7000 and TU8000 series UHD TVs.

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38 Replies to “Samsung TV Comparison: TU7000 Series vs TU8000 Series”

  1. D B

    Does anyone have their tu8000 on a wall? I'm curious how that third HDMI fits when its mounted… It looks like it faces into the wall and I don't think my cables would bend like that.

  2. tempo temp

    Since I cant fit a 65in, I'm primary shopping a 55in. But now….. Came across a TU7000 @ 58in for about 150$ less than a TU8000 @ 55in I dont Game, dont need multi-HDMI, and Dont have nor want "vocal command". I would benefit from a little "boost" in picture quality (from 7000 to 8000), since i'm mostly viewing Movies… but I'm wondering if the 10% more screen-area (I'm about 14ft from the screen) would not be "better" than the so slightly "better" image quality, and that for less $$ btw: dark room and sitting right in front of the tv…

  3. Tony Arenas

    Thanks ! Bought the 7000 at Walmart for Black Friday, but Cyber Monday had the 8000 for the same price on Amazon!!! I will be returning the 7000 at Walmart! Thanks for the review, the 8000 is for sure the winner!

  4. Lady Q

    The tu7000 is $329 right now vs the tu8000 which is $379. Only a $50 difference! Bit if anyone can comment how annoying the newer remote is than that would make a difference to me thanks!

  5. Luka vrankovečki

    Samsung NO LONGER supports AVI file format, so that goes for all the newer models (7, 8-series etc), needless to say how ridiculous that is, looking for a replacement. Thought you folks should know.

  6. chessu

    For everyone shopping the 7-series Black Friday deals: 7000/7100/7110 are all the same, difference is the colour (though the Amazon 7110 is apparently also black according to some comments). 7020 however doesn't have Bluetooth, otherwise is the same.

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