Samsung Tizen TV 2016 – how does it work and look like? [ENG]

Tizen is a new operating system, which Samsung uses in their TVs. This year, it underwent a slight facelift that makes it even more convenient. In cooperation with the manufacturer I’ll show you how it looks and works.

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37 Replies to “Samsung Tizen TV 2016 – how does it work and look like? [ENG]”

  1. nancy heinzen

    I think it’s the most effort just to try to do anything, I can deal with getting it to do anything like basic update software, and download a app already on the list it shows me the app icon but fails download. I dislike everything about how much time I spend getting nowhere, don’t enjoy this guy I can’t understand either.

  2. Realmasterorder

    The operating system is Great very fast and functional although it will get some use to for a short time,the manual is not nearly Anything about the functions though you have to search or experiment to find them,for example could you tell me how to Instantly Record a Channel without it being limited in time to the time it ends thats shown on the program info

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