Samsung SmartThings Arrival Unbox, Sensor Setup, and Usage in a Security System

Samsung SmartThings Arrival Sensor Setup and Usage in a Security System

The Samsung SmartThings Arrival Sensor is intended to help you trigger on and off aspects of your Samsung SmartThings security system and/or other parts of automation.

In this video, I’m going to show you how to set up a number of different parts of Samsung SmartThings automation using an arrival sensor to trigger on and off the alarm system.

Initially, I unbox the device and then show you how to set it up. Initially, all you have to do is pull the arrival sensor’s battery protection tag out and then begin the setup in the Samsung SmartThings application on your iPhone or Android.

From there, the setup is relatively simple to get the arrival sensor added as a Thing in SmartThings. After that, the automation of your security system moving to armed and disarmed is a bit trickier.

All in all, the arrival sensor is a useful device, especially if you have children returning home from school.

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10 Replies to “Samsung SmartThings Arrival Unbox, Sensor Setup, and Usage in a Security System”

  1. Douglas Heffron

    So in your setup you say the sensor is in the wifes car. Now if you both leave in your car and manually arm with your phone does it stay armed? Or does it turn off after the sensor does a check in or refresh?

  2. sblacka

    Is this presence sensor reliable? Usually how long it takes for it to be detected by the hub? Is that time enough for a person to leave the car and enter the house without triggering all the alarms? Thanks!

  3. William Hazen

    Hey. You seem knowledgable on smart things. I have the latest gen Smart Things Hub, 2 ST Motion Sensors ,(latest gen with magnet ball & socket). All working together. Have the latest app. Set up automation for security ( arm disarm). Tried to set up "scene", but motion sensors are not recognized. I want to have hub send me notification if motion detected and temp drops. I can see it on a dashboard on phone, but I need to check it. Prefer a notification when it happens. Can you or someone help me?

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