Samsung SmartThings and Alexa Working Together

Samsung SmartThings and Alexa Working Together

In this tutorial video for your smart home, I get Samsung SmartThings and Alexa working together. I take my Echo Plus and get it connected to my Samsung SmartThings Hub and then control my SmartThings with Alexa.

When integrating SmartThings and Alexa, it’s important to note that you will duplicate other devices already connected to a hub. For example, if you have an Echo Plus like I do, it’s likely that you’ve already connected many devices without the use of a hub. If you connect devices again through Samsung SmartThings, then your devices will show up more than once in Samsung SmartThings and the Alexa App.

The other important thing to note with your Echo and SmartThings being integrated together is the fact that you can’t actually trigger your alarm system from armed to disarmed and vice-versa. You’re also not allowed to lock and unlock all door locks with Alexa, as this is locked down as a security feature for you. It would be simple for someone to unlock your door using only their voice, if Alexa (with SmartThings) were allowed to unlock your door.

In the end, the integration of Samsung SmartThings and my Echo Plus was very easy and it provided me with all the routines and scenes from my SmartThings Hub. It also provided all of the devices from SmartThings and allowed me to do plenty with those devices.

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17 Replies to “Samsung SmartThings and Alexa Working Together”

  1. Timothy S

    You touched briefly on the duplicate issue in alexa… I've currently got the smartthings hub and the Philip's hub connected to alexa. So is there a way to stop these devices from showing up multiple times in the alexa app?

  2. Beryl White

    I don't know if you've already covered this but in the new version I've Samsung sometimes you have to sign out of your Alexa skills sign back in and give it permission to all items. Because certain things work and certain things weren't like it will be able to recognize that door opening but not the temperatures on The multi sensor just a little note I may have missed it! But my brains rattling around anyway so be no big thing if I did! Sorry if I repeated something you already did. And thanks for all of your wonderful work and explanations

  3. roberto martino

    I know when we integrate Alexa and ST all or the majority of the ST devices will show up on the alexa app my questions is would it do it vice versa? I want to know if I can purchase a bulb that is only compatible with alexa and see if I can control it via the ST app

  4. Christopher Pauley

    Alexa can arm many brands of security systems. You just have to install the skill for that system and check the commands. I use guardian and it works great to arm for voice command . But, none of the systems will allow you to disarm as it would be a security risk.

  5. Ofer Ben-Nathan

    I am having the Echo Show. It has built in Zigbee, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. I would like to connect with my Samsung QLED 55 Smart T.V to turn On Off, change channels and basically everything the T.V remote does. Right now The Echo Show can only turn Off the T.V and nothing else. Why? What else is needed for complete integration with the T.V? I know it is possible to get the Samsung SmartThings Hub into play with Alexa but what is the point of having two hubs….

  6. Greg Pruitt

    Hi. Great video. I have an Alexa Echo Plus. I was having some issues with the range of coverage of the Echo Plus, as some of my exterior lights were out of the coverage range and would sometimes stop responding. So, I bought a Samsung Mesh router for its extended wifi range and its built in Smartthings functionality. So, how do I bring the Alexa controlled devices into Smartthings? I know my question is the opposite of what you are doing in this video. Sorry.

  7. DC8FD

    I have the new Samsung HW-N950 soundbar connected to my Samsung Q8FN tv. I have downloaded SmartThings and the Alexa apps, followed the directions and for the life of me can’t connect my Alexa devices to the soundbar to play music from my music services (Spotify,Pandora, etc) via Alexa… any help would be very appreciated!!

  8. Brian Runyon

    I can't get Alexa to turn on or off my Smartthings Outlet. It works fine in the Smartthings app, but just won't work w/Alexa. When I pull up the devices in Alexa, it sees it, but says it's offline when its on. I tried disabling and enabling the skill and still no luck.

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