Samsung Smart TV: Work and learn with Personal Computer Mode

A TV that allows you to work, study and do a lot more. The Samsung Smart TV Personal Computer mode turns your home into an office by converting your TV into a Personal Computer and access your office PC remotely. It can also turn your home just as simply into a classroom and let you attend classes. So bring home a Samsung Smart TV now. It’s more than TV.

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26 Replies to “Samsung Smart TV: Work and learn with Personal Computer Mode”

  1. yash Chauhan

    Worst tv application use by Samsung in their tizen app store for tizen operating system. Even the jio tv, airtel extreme app is not there or similar app. (I purchased rs 50000 tv of Samsung)

  2. Harshad Hegiste

    Nice video! I have a question regarding Remote Access. You showed that when laptop is ON you can use Remote Access however obviously when a person is not in office which means his laptop is LOCKED, so if he wants to access his office laptop from Samsung tv which is at home, can he do that? In short does the laptop needs to be ON when we are Remotely connecting it to Samsung tv OR does it works even when the laptop is LOCKED. Please let me know.

  3. Annu gaming 13

    Very Good Samsung

  4. Md rohit Khan

    Samsung good TV nice I love you 🌹❀❀🌹❀❀❀🌹🌹❀❀🌹❀❀🌹🌹❀❀❀🌹❀❀🌹❀❀🌹

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