27 Replies to “Samsung Smart TV UE40H5500: Unboxing and Setup”

  1. Aqeel UR REHMAN

    i have a query from this smart tv. is this UE40H5500 smart tv is compatible any downloading from play store or google, i'm trying downloading application e.g apk files but i'm failed, plzzzz can anybody help me in this matter, i will be very grateful for you

  2. Gwn

    I have a 3 year old 40inch smart tv 1080p but it looks like 720p how can i change it to 1080p cause i cant see anything in the menu Srry for bad english

  3. Oros Abaddon

    The controller can turn on the tv but when the menu asking for language shows up it won't let me click on English or even move to any of the any other languages. It seems that only the power button is working. Anyone else have that same problem?

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