Samsung Smart TV Turning Off and On? Cheap Quick Fix 2013 UN60ES7500

Please read David Hogg’s excellent comments below. My solution still working great end of 2018.
He dove deeper than I did and got closer to the root of the problem with less side effects. I have not tried his fix since my TV works well enough for now plus then I would have to make a new video.

Thanks to everyone for the comments.
The most amazing thing to me is that no one from Samsung will ‘fess up to this, explain it or apologize to their customers. I guess we’re supposed to throw it away and buy new.
Corporations seem completely unable to get with 21st century and be honest and forthcoming in the face of YouTube and the user community throughout the world.

My 2013 vintage UN60ES7500 Samsung Smart TV began turning itself off and back on immediately about once every 90 minutes, then over a two month period increasing in frequency to every 20 minutes. Power Supply Board good. New Main Board did not solve problem.

Disconnecting Smart TV wire bundle from the main board solved the problem. TV works great now. Using an Apple TV to stream, which is much better and faster than the slow clumsy Samsung Smart TV interface.

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  1. Eric Lattimore

    Samsung UN55ES7500F is what I have. I tried this fix. Thought I had it fixed. It appeared to be working fine. Played a DVD, thought I licked the issue. Came back home after letting the TV be for a few hours and the issue was back. I get the Smart TV logo screen and then it goes off and then restarts. Should I look into replacing the main board? Does anyone have any suggestions?

  2. Bhante Subhuti

    I fixed this for a friend. I disconnected the cable and it did not work (long term for more than a couple of hours). Then I put the cable back in and tried to make sure all other cables were secure. TV started to work again. It has been good for a couple of days now. Cable positions were different for my friend's model, but the color and shape were similar of "that cable". Hope this helps others.

  3. Yogesh C

    I updated my Samsung Smart TV software successfully but after by mistaken I changed some settings in service menu and restart power, now there is no Stby LED lit on TV and I am unable to switch ON my tv.
    Any one can help me how to resolve this issue??

  4. Marian Enb

    How can i contact you? I have the same problem on UE46EH5300, but i can t find this plug of smart feautures. I saw one like yours but when i disconnet it, TV doesnt start, like no power. Please 😀

  5. Danny Heard

    Thanks I think this may be what is going on with mine,I was wondering if you could disable the smart tv part because who really needs it anyway,iuse the firestick for youtube and things like that it works better,this is my second Samsung with this problem,beautiful picture but a pain.

  6. Serhat Barış Özhan

    Thanks a lot. I had the same problem and this worked for me. Official Samsung service said it is a panel problem and it has to be change with the price of a new TV. . Smart TV is working ,only the remote control is not working but I manage it via software with smart phone.

  7. Chris Jessop

    Just tried this on my ue40d5520 but it continued to do the same endless restart cycle. Displays the Samsung smart TV logo, get a brief INPUT display in the top left and it turns off and cycles the reboot sequence again annoyingly.
    Any advice appreciated

  8. Dustin Derrick

    Worked for my “smart TV” Samsung UN55ES8000, cable was little different but essentially the same thought process. My LED light at the bottom no longer works but I unplugged the power to my Bluetooth and WiFi modules and my TV now no longer spazzs out doing the on/off loop thing. Thanks!

  9. peter finn

    THX!!! Unplugged the Smart Tv module and problem solved. Samsung technician wanted €300 to fix it but with 2 month warranty only. (He states it’s a known problem).
    Great quick-fix if you only want to use it as a TV!

  10. Tom & Chrissy

    exact same symptoms as you…turning off then immediately back on…frequency increasing…after watching a few videos about bad caps and boards I came across yours…I disconnected that cable and no more cycling…now I simply use a fire stick like on my other tvs…thanks brother

  11. benk112

    Samsung UE55ES8090 same Problem. The tv was turning on and off. Factory reset and other things doesn’t helped. We were on our way to the store as i found your video. We turned back home, unplugged this piece of sh*t cable and it works!!!
    The tv repair guy also wanted to change the mainboard and WiFi module. We saved 350€.
    I love you man!! ?

  12. Clark So

    Mine is like yours, but what I did is different. I re-soldered all inductor and capacitor and some SMD resistors near to it in the power supply board and the problem went away.

  13. Jsfrog58

    What worked for me was going to Samsung's support page and doing a live chat with them. The lady instructed me to disconnect the One Connect cable, and that immediately stopped the TV from trying to update the software and perpetually rebooting. That then gave me the chance to reset the TV to factory settings. Once I did that, and did all the startup settings (it acts like it's a new TV all over again after the factory reset), I was good to go.

  14. Hilario Vilchis

    Hi thanks for the info
    However when I disconnected the cable that you indicate in the video my Samsung tv did not turn on at all so I look at the same board and there is a little cable that goes in and if you look close the board is label WiFi so i went I head and disconnected it
    So far so good thanks again

  15. Rob Brown

    I appreciate the effort you put into this but it might be worth re-doing the audio on the video – the cable is nothing to do with the Smart board, nor is it connected to the Wifi . On my D7000 series which has an identical main logic board it appears that you are recommending disconnecting the IR module which essentially stops the remote control from working.

  16. zoo az

    Worked for me as well . After two years the TV is back alive and working as it should be.

    First I removed the cable that is between the smart panel "down" and the main board "left"

    Second I put it back on left + down

    Third I plugged off the smart wires as the video shows . Now its working just fine .

  17. C MGL

    Hi I had the same problem. I checked the 20p socket on the power supply board and noticed that pins 17 and 19 (first and second from top right) were burnt. What I did I separated these 2 wires from the ribbon and soldered them directly to the socket (top back). This solved the problem

  18. LizzieW

    God I hope this fixes our problem on our UN60ES7100F TV. Don't want to spend a butt load and have to get a new TV. I'll update you once I have a chance to do this. Thanks for the video

  19. David Hogg

    Thank you for this excellent advice. You were oh so nearly there with your analysis of the boards. Your solution solved my problem on a Samsung UA55ES7500M. Thank you so much. But I did a bit more research. The third board, centre bottom, is not the "Smart TV" board; it is in fact the T-Con board which interfaces to the picture and is nothing to do with the plug you pulled. That one in fact goes to the rear outer casing (which involves a few more screws to remove) and contains 4 completely different leads. One goes to the power on/off pushbutton, another to the LED that lights the Samsung logo, the third goes to a bluetooth receiver WIBT30A, and the fourth goes to the Wi-Fi Receiver WIDT20R. It was this latter module that was causing the problem. I removed it and the intermittent on/off problem is now gone, but we have no wi-fi. That's not to say that replacing the WIDT20R module would actually solve the problem, as the fault may lie in the mainboard or in the power supply. But now we have a working TV again. Many thanks

  20. Martin ltmr

    Hey, I have an UN55H8000 curved 55" TV Samsung, i have the same problem, all the capacitors and connections are fine, I disconnected the WIFI module and It didn't work, I want to try your solution but my main board does not have that wire configuration, the cables that come out of it are combined with others(sound, bottons) I don't know how to unplug it, help!

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