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Find out the best Samsung Smart TV tips, tricks, and other hidden features like using your smartphone as a remote, Private Listening, Turn your TV on with the Smartphone and much.

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32 Replies to “Samsung Smart TV Tips & Tricks -Smart DNS Proxy”

  1. Chepster

    Thanks for this. I live in Switzerland and the Samsung TV Plus is automatically in German despite the default language of TV is set to English. How can I change the language of Samsung TV Plus to English? Thank you 🙏

  2. Robnic._.

    I think the function with streaming from the mobile phone to the TV is the best because, for example, you can play a game with your friends such as Subway Surfers where you try to break records so your friend doesn't have to look at the small mobile phone screen, for example So the friend can look at the television, the same for example with the pc you play COD and the friend can look on the window instead of on the smaller monitor

  3. The Truth Hurts

    Do you know why my Samsung 2020 85 inch smart tv doesn’t have the options to add smart devices like ring doorbell or security cameras? I can’t even select Picture in Picture mode. Yet i Saw several tutorials on YouTube that show its available.

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