41 Replies to “Samsung smart tv funny commercial”

  1. Tjfreak

    This is how it looks on my smart tv when I'm watching something like antenna or metv..something not broadcast in hd ..kinda sucks to have to watch a bunch of stuff not hd & on a giant screen..it's like a much bigger bad picture..but ! the small pic in pic when using the xfinity guide/menu looks great… or I can keep changing screen size to something that looks to be about the size of a 30" crt square with darkness on both sides..hmmm ?

  2. s manoj reddy

    I  Recommend people not to buy samsung smart tv's as they are not branded they are useless products as they work like tv similar to tv's sold on road side .so never buy the products from samsung as they are not usable after warranty is completed,after the warranty is completed you need to throw them in the garbage.its a fraud company.

    Samsung is a domestic terror organization designed to steal money

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