Samsung Smart TV ExpressVPN DNS setup tutorial

This tutorial walks you through the steps for setting up DNS (Domain Name System) configurations on your Samsung Smart TV. You’ll set up a DDNS (Dynamic Domain Name System) hostname with a 3rd party, register your DDNS hostname with ExpressVPN, find your ExpressVPN DNS address, and then change the DNS address on your Samsung Smart TV.

To complete this tutorial, you will need a Samsung Smart TV, a computer, and an ExpressVPN subscription.

To see written versions of these instructions, visit:

To order and ExpressVPN subscription, please visit:

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22 Replies to “Samsung Smart TV ExpressVPN DNS setup tutorial”

  1. Zaza Lopez

    After going though the whole process Netflix is unable to connect. Change the DNS to automatic allows me log in again. Am I doing something wrong? Should I also change DNS settings on my router?

  2. mrgeorge118

    I followed these steps exactly and everything worked as in the video, however….. I can't connect my phone via "smart view" to mirror my phone on the TV. Also… my Netflix TV app still shows Australian films and not American (I'm using an American VPN on my phone) can anyone help?

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