34 Replies to “Samsung Smart Remote: Hands-on with the best TV clicker yet”

  1. Fat Chili

    Textured battery cover falls off all the time and batteries are currently lasting two days!
    Disgusting battery drain rate; wonderful for the environment Samsung 👍 – pathetic!

  2. Polycare

    Samsung have abandoned the pointer remote! any idea why, how shit that all their new tvs dont have this extremely needed feature.. its pants. After always buying Samsung TVs for the last few years, I'm switching to LG as it is now way ahead of Samsung by miles…

  3. Serbischer Stolz

    Hey can u explain me maybe , sometimes I dont have this blue point on screen, i dont know why,other functions volumen, change channels and similar work, but not work this for navigation point this on screen…?

  4. Fred Davidson

    A big down side to this remote is the teeny weeny stop, pause, FF and R buttons.  If you record any show you use these buttons to rid the commercials.  I'm 6'1", 230 and my fat fingers can never find buttons without reading the remote.

  5. ok250682

    i rather buy a computer and connect it to a big tv.
     I bought a samsung smart tv in 2011 and I don't find it smart at all.  It takes a long time to key alphabet on the remote control to search videos eg youtube and its only limited videos it appear.  It takes a long time searching computer to a computer.

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