Samsung RU8000 4k TV Review –

Hands-on review of the Samsung RU8000 HDR TV.

The Samsung RU8000 is a very good 4k TV with good picture quality. In this review, we compare it to 4 other popular models.

Full review:

It delivers deep uniform blacks in a dark room, but lacks a local dimming feature to further improve dark room performance. The RU8000 has good SDR peak brightness and good reflection handling.

The TV has a wide color gamut, but HDR peak brightness is only mediocre, so it can’t display small highlights as they should be. The overall gray uniformity is good with just minimal dirty screen effect, but the viewing angles are poor and you have to sit straight in front to enjoy an accurate image.

Motion handling is excellent with a fast response time that helps display crisp motion with minimal blur trail. The input lag is very low, and the TV supports FreeSync variable refresh rate technology to please gamers.

Model tested: 55” (UN55RU8000)
Should also be valid for the 49” (UN49RU8000), 65” (UN65RU8000), 75” (UN75RU8000) and 82” (UN82RU8000)

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Design (1:29)
Inputs (01:30)
Thermal (01:43)
Picture Quality (02:19)
Contrast (02:28)
Viewing Angle (02:56)
Reflections (03:26)
Peak Brightness (03:51)
Color Volume & Gamut (04:49)
Gray Uniformity (05:07)
Response Time (05:45)
Input Lag (06:29)
Variable Refresh Rate (07:31)
Smart Features & Remote (07:59)
Sound (08:28)
TVs Comparison (08:52)
Conclusion (09:58)

28 Replies to “Samsung RU8000 4k TV Review –”

  1. Jt

    Hi, I bought the 65” ru8000. However can’t set it to 1440p at 120hz on the nvidia software panel. Only has 1080p at 120hz, any suggestions? Thanks

  2. john kennedy

    I am a lover of Samsung BUT I had to return this model because it would not "hold" BBC IPLAYER" you had to log in every time, it was a fault that Samsung has recognized, I am awaiting a replacement tv, so hopefully, it will not have the same problem, anyone else had this fault?

  3. Jeremiah Freeman

    So i just bought one of these (UN55RU8000), the 55" version.

    Ive connected it to my PC over HDMI, and it SAYS its running at 120hz 1080p.

    But i can see that its not. and decided to check it on

    The 120Hz ufo looks EXACTLY the same as the 60Hz in the test.

    Anyone else having this issue? and if so, how do i fix it?

  4. John Sullivan

    Which would pick between the Vizio P Series Quantum and Samsung RU8000 for a 75”? They are the same price right now at my local Best Buy. The guy at the store told me the Samsung is better but I’ve had my eye on the Vizio. Thanks in advance!

  5. Mârshmêllo

    Shall I get this one or the NU8000? 55'' of this has similar price to the 49'' of the UN8000 here is Greece. Will be using it for Netflix mostly, but also for watching sports and some gaming.

  6. Mârshmêllo

    Shall I get this one or the NU8000? 55'' of this has similar price to the 49'' of the UN8000 here is Greece. Will be using it for Netflix mostly, but also for watching sports and some gaming.

  7. mjribes

    Was looking for a PC gaming and movies TV. Found a 49" RU8000 for a good price and thought I'd found the deal of the century. That goodness for your review pointing out that the 49" doesn't have freesync. You save me making an expensive mistake.

  8. gt0703

    I bought this TV and after using the RTings calibration settings am very satisfied. Only two things are not great – the sound, its trash. Also the brightness – use the calibration settings RTings have provided and it can get just bright enough, but its on the edge of being too dim. If it was brighter this TV would have been amazing.

  9. MEGA NZ

    i wish it had a centre stand like the nu8000 that way i don't have to buy a tvstand that is almost as long as the tv. RTINGS LOVE YOUR REVIEWS. Does the NU8000 have variable refresh rates? Which do you prefer the ru8000 or the nu8000?

  10. Branislav SS

    I had LG lb730 than got this tv. Its crap. Samsung doesnt support DTS and more than half of the pirated 4k or hd movies are dts. Viewing angles are more than crap, like 20° you get mostly red washout. I get headaches after couple of hours watching. I tried evwey option from one to 10 on the motion settings and its crap. 4 seems thr best, on auto it makes weird particles. I dont know how 2019 model high end one be such of a crap. Too bad i live in a country that you cant return your device cuz i would have exchange it for sony or lg. Pls dont buy this model. Get the Qled that is like 10% more expensive but not this one. The viewing angles are much better despite rtings test that says that they are the same..they are not you can notice it in the store.

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