36 Replies to “Samsung re-tune your TV – video 3”

  1. eliza ellen

    ….except after all that retuning nothing works at all and the helpline had nothing to offer except an engineers visit in 2 weeks time.so anyone in the north somerset area,its the fault of the mendip transmitter but if you are unlucky the helpline will try to tell you that you are not smart enough to get your tv retuned or there is an ariel problem.

  2. Miles Near

    i annoyed watching 5 channel in my tv before until i found this retune tv guide of this girl who helps me a lot..now i enjoy watching more channel everyday…thank you girl it helps me a lot…

  3. Nick Donnelly

    Who on EARTH decided to name the retune menu 'Auto Store' – if it was just named 'retune channels' this video would not be required. Something lost in translation from Korean it seems – AWFUL AWFUL AWFUL.

  4. John514

    Great! Now if my grandfather knew how to use a PC, I could link him this video.
    But then again, if he knew how to use a PC, then I guess he`d be able to use a TV as well! 😛

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