Samsung QLED TV Q8FN Series Overview – QN65Q8FN

In this video we give a brief overview of the new Samsung Q8FN series QLED TV. For more details or to place an order please call our experts at 800-860-3736 or click on the links below.

55in QN55Q8FN:

65in QN65Q8FN:

75in QN75Q8FN:

25 Replies to “Samsung QLED TV Q8FN Series Overview – QN65Q8FN”

  1. leif helles

    These days when you even can´t comment directly to the stooge it feels aaghh. The fact is that Samsung have the best LCD. They have a great backlightning system. If you want to look at your screen in any form of daylight Samsungs so called QLED is best. The problem with (Q)Led is the separation between light and black. The problem with OLED is the power of the light for example in even cloudy daylight. To make it simple: Find out for yourself, don´t listen to the sellouts. OLED in dark rooms. QLED 24H. Sports; Never OLED.

  2. Nabil P

    Just checked out this tv at visions electronics and it's legit I will be getting this bad Boy my media room. Also the Samsung sound bar by Harmon Kardon is for reals as well!

  3. Alessandro Sinigaglia

    Q8FN has one giant stand .. not two little pedastal. Plus the Q8FB comes with the one connect box. Must be something weird with the USA version. The back of this TV set is not the same as the Q8FN .. again must be something USA only!

  4. Bobby

    Here are the differences between the Q7 Q8 AND Q9.

    The Q7 is has an edge lit backlight and it includes the one connect box. The remote is black

    The Q8 has an edge lit backlight also but it doesn't have the one connect box. The remote is black on this one also.

    The Q9 has a full array local dimming backlight. It's blacks are also better than the Q8 and Q7. It has the one connect box and the remote is silver and looks more premium.

  5. David Gal

    I meant to purchase this TV, but now after watching it in that video, i really dont know what to decide and what to say but IMO this picture looks horrible, it looks so dark and dimmed, also so unvivid that i really hope its only a calibration issue and not a basic dimmed backlight property of that TV, cause with that lumination , i would prefer to purchase any dimmed old OLED TV, but not this uncolorful tired thing…

  6. Randy in Transcona

    Good Lord here we go again with 'Movie Mode' Why on earth do so many reviewers keep wanting to dull up a picture on tv's that people spend thousands of dollars on so that they can have nice bright crisp pictures at home. I for one certainly think all the so called professional calibrators are nuts for dulling the picture down to like going to a movie theater.

  7. psykosonikwarrior

    The black levels are acceptable? Get real. They look incredible. I compared these TVs and in a lighted room the blacks on the Q9FN and Q8FN looked just as good as the OLEDs. Now, in a dark room I'm sure the OLEDs show even deeper blacks, but every review I've read said the blacks look very good and are fairly close to the OLEDs.

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