Samsung QLED TV : 2018 Q8C 4K UHD HDR Curved TV

Samsung 2018 Q8C QLED TV series offers deep contrast and rich colors with anti reflection and dynamic tone mapping. See the stunning picture quality on screen with the curved screen and clean back design, which give you a pure viewing experience. The Ambient mode helps it perfectly blend with the décor. Your TV has become more intelligent with Bixby, SmartThings and Universal guide that 2018 Q8C QLED TV series features. Samsung 2018 QLED TV Q8C series includes 55” and 65″ TVs.

▶The QLED Q8C series – Fall into a beauty of curve


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  1. Izaun Baxter

    they should make tvs where u can control the curve. Say for instance u have friends over and the couch directly in front of the tv is full so some other friend/friends have to sit on the right side of the tv. Then u should be able to pick up a remote and curve the left side of the tv until it is better for the person sitting on the right

  2. Iva Victoria

    Hi. Here in Europe the Q8CN model is the only one option for us. Is the picture quality of Q7FN the same as Q8CN? How can I get more
    relevant information if you can’t answer my question? Thank you.



    I bought a qled 8c 2017, its sceen cracked only in 1 day and Samsung Morocco told me that screen doesn’t included to garanty I doesn’t recommend you to buy it Many people have same problem Samsung ‘s Curved screen easily can be cracked and Samsung does nothing when you have this problem

  4. Alexs Cre

    Samsung why do not I, I have one of the big heads but it is samsung rega
    Samsung por q no me la, regalas tengo una de las cabezonas pero es samsung ?
    삼성은 그것을 얻지 못하기 때문에 큰 머리 중 하나를 주지만 삼성 전자는

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