Samsung QLED TV: 2018 No Gap Wall Mount Installation

Watch and learn how to install Samsung QLED TV No Gap Wall Mount.

▶Go through the installation steps below and see how quick and easy it is!

No Gap Wall Mount helps Samsung QLED TVs hang beautifully on the wall. Gorgeous from all sides, it fits perfectly in your living room.
It’s so easy, you won’t need a professional. With easy-to-follow steps, you can hang your QLED TV in just minutes. You can even adjust the angle after mounting it.
Elevate your décor with a range of TV accessories. It is stunning from any angle and fits in seamlessly with your living space.

47 Replies to “Samsung QLED TV: 2018 No Gap Wall Mount Installation”

  1. Jason Gabler

    Except that you have to run the chord to the One that is sitting somewhere else. Better to have the TV a few inches off the wall, with HDMI and power coming from the wall behind it. Attach the One box to the wall or to the TV with industrial strength velcro. All hidden and infinitely cleaner — no cables anywhere to be seen, just a floating TV.. Samsung should have made an inset on the back of the TV to seat the One box and store the optical cable caddy.

  2. Alex N

    I'm waiting for the Q90R 82" no gap wall mount. A Samsung Moderator stated "“There is currently not a no-gap mount available for this television.” on 4/3/19. PLEASE GET MOVING ON THIS! It's a flagship TV.

  3. uwldluvme21

    The TV is great but I don't understand the need for the heavy bulky one connect box. It literally serves no purpose…. I still have to end up making a whole in my wall to hide the "almost see through cord" 🙄

  4. Nick V

    Just wondering, is it really necessary to install the magnet brackets? My Q9 65 is on his way and i'm already installing the wall mount.
    But havn't seen anyone installing the extra brackets on youtube ? 🙂

  5. gregergreg

    This commercial feels like the music video for Schism from Tool with the weird human motion and gray industrial walls and slow motion camera movement. I was half expecting some bald naked dude to be nodding his head wildly on all fours as the camera pans off to the side.

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