Samsung QLED Q7F 65″ Premium 4K TV Overview (2018 Model)

Samsung QLED 65″ 4K HDR TV Q7F 2018 Model 4K TV Overview this is a premium 4K QLED TV from Samsung with 10 bit support it has the Quantam Dot technology that delivers the wide color gamut it has 1500 nit of brightness and support 4K HDR, HDR 10 and HDR+

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Samsung QLED Q7F 65″ 4K TV via flipkart

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  1. Sanish Nafis


    SAMSUNG has stopped working with OLED'S on 2014 itself. From then & till yet it is working with most Advanced technology called QUANTOM DOT TECHNOLOGY (QLED) .

    Why to use old TECHNOLOGY GO for QLED.
    (55"-88") available sizes ,
    Budget barrier why to go for bigger size, try to adjust with 55", features &Technologyies will remain SAME.
    Company will provide Certified 10 YEARS WARRANTY ON NO SCREEN BURN IN.

    Yes it's true still LG & SONY are playing with OLEDS .

    This is the reason why SAMSUNG is GLOBAL NO.1 from past 12 years.

  2. Sanish Nafis

    Finally I'll give this QLED TV with same size(65"), Certified UHD of SAMSUNG …from SAMSUNG BRANDSHOP in INDIA from JHARKHAND only @ 288500/-

    65"Q7FN = 288500/-

    This price is valid till November"18 only.

  3. Joshua Benjamin

    Hi Ranjith. May I know the the degree of screen burn in for this particular TV. I'm considering to buy a TV for gaming and movies. But the OLEDs that LG offers have a serious burn in issue. It subtly starts showing after a year or two. So how about this TV?

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