Samsung Q90R 2019 Flagship 4K QLED TV Gets Ultra Wide Viewing Angle

Samsung has unveiled its flagship 4K QLED TV for 2019 at its annual forum in Porto, namely the Q90R series. In addition to 65-inch (QE65Q90R) and 75-inch (QE75Q90R) models, the UK and select European markets will also get a 55-inch version (QE55Q90R).

Key features include full-array local dimming (FALD) direct-lit LED backlighting, “Ultra Viewing Angle” technology for wider viewing angles from a VA-type LCD panel, Quantum Processor 4K, as well as HDR10+ (but not Dolby Vision) support.

Support for various HDMI 2.1 features such as enhanced ARC (eARC) remains unannounced. Availability is slated for March.

Other QLED TVs launched by Samsung include the Q950R 8K QLED, and also step-down Q85R, Q80R, Q70R and Q60R 4K QLEDs.

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35 Replies to “Samsung Q90R 2019 Flagship 4K QLED TV Gets Ultra Wide Viewing Angle”

  1. Michael Angst

    having ultra wide viewing angles just make it so the contrast ratio and blacks are worse…. Everything seems like a waste of money until Micro LED comes out to be honest.. there is not even much of a reason to upgrade from a great 1080p 65 inch plasma in terms of picture quality. It's like people don't know they can view 4k media and blu rays on a 1080p plasma and have them look really sharp, downsample pc games form 4k to 1080p on a plasma and have the picture look much cleaner etc…. Not to mention, plasma has much better motion than OLED tv's….

    Blah blah blah… TLDR.. no reason to buy an LCD unless you want to buy a tv for the increased size only… In terms of picture quality, Nothing is worth paying a big premium compared to plasma, until micro led.

  2. TV & Hi-Fi Pro

    This TV is a good update of the Q9FN.

    The new Ultra Black panel filter, is really impressive when it comes to reduce reflections. It's the best TV in that area.
    The viewing angles, are very similar to OLED, with very little loss of color and contrast when it's viewed for an angle.
    And the local dimming, has been improved and now it's really hard to see blooming even in complicated scenes.

  3. Disco Bean

    Buying TV in 2019 without hdmi 2.1 is shortsighted. But again, folks buying something named qled probably have no clue why 2.1 is important so Samsung is just delivering to its target group.

  4. Payne Hoss

    Would oled still be a better display than this? 2000 nits is crazy and i know oleds have a hard time reaching even 1000 nits so for hdr movies would it look better on a qled because of the brighter screen or still better on an oled

  5. Tachibana Hasegawa

    Ten-generation panel from Sharp's ASV four-color large size, this is the technical basis for Samsung's high-end model color gamut and 178 wide viewing angle for QLED (LCD), but Samsung does not have a mature image processor, nor Panasonic & Sanyo's black level extension technology requires the use of capacitive technology, so only the color saturation and brightness/gamma white balance values ​​can be increased. The photos look gorgeous, but they lose a lot of color when watching movies and TV shows. And the details of the image, so that the film does not look like the color and texture of the film, very exaggerated color

  6. Shugar Daddy

    DivX and DTS codecs are not supported by the Samsung TV models released
    in 2019
     Samsung bleibt also dabei, DivX und DTS nicht zu unterstützen, was
    bereits ein Problem bei den 2018er TVs war. Selbst die Premium-Serie mit
    QLED-Technik ist nicht mit diesen Codecs zu haben. Leider ein
    Minuspunkt, den Samsung bei den ansonsten tollen Entwicklungen in 2019
    hier kassiert.

  7. rawand dabbagh

    i am sorry but samsuck menus is shit and they advertise with videos thats way more off that what the tv is capable off once u put an ordinary content on it
    LG OLED is much much better and the price is really good now

  8. reviewfor thetube

    Look at that no blooming yet quantom apotheosis fucking idiot he is says his has some I tried telling him he has a defective unit all hes trying to do is find flaws because he feels bad he cant afford it and got the q8fn and then he wants to talk about color and says that it doesnt have as much comor as his q8fn when it clearly does it's just got much better color accuracy now it's not all about having your TV set to 50 on color like damn he makes himself looks so stupid and has no equipment to test the TVs it's stupid to take his opinion in but these TVs this year are fucking amazing and he will come out with a video stating it's much better or he will get a q80r and love it who knows but yeah the new processor with the ai chip amZing finally Samsung needed upscaling on these TVs that worked good and the game mode the input lag is out of this world I cant wait to own one and I'm only getting the q70r because uts still full array with local dimming and it's still a beast of a TV like amazing for the price oh and the prices there amazing this year there the same as last years models were at Christmas the q60r for the 55 inch is 1199.99 and the q70r st 55 inches is 1399.99 that's amazing for being released and that price already oh and the hdr is so much better I'm just saying Samsung will get alot of praise this year I hate seeing people review a TV and not know anything about the new features these TVs are amazing and I hate people that say there professional calibrators yet really srent and dont have the equipment to truly test the TV it's so stupid this was a great video with a knowledgable man

  9. Miguel Beauprez

    The reviews of Quantum Apotheosis aren’t that positieve. I hope he’s wrong or else the Q90R could be a big mistake of Samsung… I’m waiting for your professional review Vincent…

  10. Christopher Murphy

    What a lame gimmick QLED is cmon Vincent you no this is just a lcd panel that have been around for year and they market it as some brand new technology. What a joke!! It just uses local dimming to make these quantum dots pop .. OLED is an actual new technology with new panels and perfect inky pioneer kuru blacks but even better and the colours and viewing angles are perfect and cannot be matched by Samsung’s inferior crap and they no it themselves but hell why would they stop when they can just making them and these sheep will follow and buy them and they are so happy as they would almost die then to
    Admit LG was right and use LGs panels . Lucky for Samsung it looks like they won’t have to . These QLED TVs are way cheaper then that price to make
    . They are worst then apple lol

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