Samsung Q8FN (Q8/Q8F) 2018 TV Review –

Hands-on review of the Samsung Q8FN HDR TV.

The Q8FN is a 2018 QLED TV with great picture quality. In this review, we compare it to 4 other popular models.
Full review:

The Samsung Q8FN is a great 4k TV. It has excellent reflection handling and can get bright to counteract glare in a bright room. It performs well for any usage, but unfortunately the image degrades when viewed at an angle.

Model tested: 55” (QN55Q8FN)
Should also be valid for the 65” (QN65Q8FN), 75” (QN75Q8FN) and 82” (QN82Q8FN).
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Design (00:49)
Inputs (00:59)
Controls (01:28)
Thermal (1:39)
Picture Quality (01:50)
Contrast (02:07)
Local Dimming (02:28)
Viewing Angle (03:05)
Reflections (03:27)
Peak Brightness (03:52)
Gray Uniformity (04:14)
Color Volume & Gamut (04:42)
Response Time (05:16)
Image Flicker (05:45)
Input Lag (06:07)
Smart Features & Remote (06:33)
Sound (06:59)
TVs Comparison (07:17)
Conclusion (09:05)

33 Replies to “Samsung Q8FN (Q8/Q8F) 2018 TV Review –”

  1. review for the tube

    See the thing I'd I saw these issues people that say they dont just have a really good set it happens but I'm saying there is some issues with the 2018 qled TVs this years models are ridiculously good so many issues fixed

  2. Bennett Ezeobi

    Hey RTINGS a small Youtuber Quantum Apotheosis had a bit to say about your website TV review of the Samsung Q8FN on his video here from 6:54 onwards (best watch the whole video for context) how do you respond/defend yourself because I depend on your website for info on TV comparisons as I am presently in the market for a new TV and like to do my research first.

  3. Federico Fioravanti

    Hello! Is there any Samsung Qled TV at the same price range of this that has normal outputs/inputs instead of the one connect box? I'm asking because I already have the power sockets up on the wall behind the TV

  4. Ethan Nash

    I'm a little upset, because I've been obsessed with getting an OLED screen TV when I first heard LG making em, but I'm quite young so i dont have the biggest income to be spending $3k or more on. I settled on getting a 4k TV in 2016, and a newer 2nd 4k tv but with HDR. More time has passed and i earn a pretty penny at 19 but it's still not great for such a high end TV cost. I didnt want to settle with an old OLED that I can afford but LG doesnt sell their own products on their website; just links to retailers that carry them in stock. Samsung however, felt like were a worthy competitor with their Qled TVs. I get a discount thru samsung from my work, there was the Q8fn on sale, and they let you finance their products thru the site. I went ahead and ordered it and I'm super excited being it's just behind their last Q9qled, but seeing the lg still be best with blacks and viewing angle, etc. I'm just a bit sad I still haven't gotten an OLED.

  5. Juan Francisco Valdivieso

    Is there a reason when there little info surrounded by all black like a movie's intro Credits or say someone in the middle of screen with bright candle in a dark scene everything dims automatically? It's annoying. I notice it a lot in ending credits as well. When there a few credit names the whites are quite dark becoming grey, but when there's a lot of credit names all whites brighten up to normal level. I have pretty much every eco settings off. Ambient lighting off. Motion Lighting off. Local dimming set to Standard. Samsung Q8 4k UHD 2018 model.

  6. John Wick

    Someone please buy Daniel Radcliffe aka Harry Potter a new pair of shoes, he clearly has a slit on the inside of his right show and it was so distracting and all I could see was is white sock showing through the side, doesn't he make enough money from doing these reviews to buy a new pair or his movies?

  7. Good Lookin'

    This guy is an OLED fan boy….Don't expect any good review from this guy unless it's from an OLED TV. From here on….I will not watch any more of his bad videos. Tip: Do something different. EVERY and I mean EVERY video is laid out the same. So boring. Did he get fired from Sesame Street? Your buddy Basil misses you.

  8. JB3

    I recently bought the 55" Q8FN from Amazon. It's outstanding. My only gripe..and it's a small one, is the grey uniformity. It's a bit cloudy and you can see some banding when the entire screen grey or white, but other than that, it's the best picture I've ever seen.

  9. David Švehla


    if I hook up LG OLEDB8 (via HDMI ARC) to AVR without Dolby Atmos support and play on TV Dolby Atmos content what will AVR recieved? Will TV “downsample” the audio to DTS (DTS MA) or will it send PCM (or nothing)? Thanks

  10. McKenna Summers

    Quantum also proved the q8fn sustains 1000 nits on the 25% window.
    Why are the guys at rtings lying about what the q8fn can do? Not that you'll miss it..but I'm unsubscribing. I don't like being lied to. You guys clearly have it out for qled. Don't trust these biased oled freaks. Not consumer friendly at all.

  11. R/T DRE

    It's a video trending rite now bout this TV and what u guys said about this peak brightness think u guys need to change your software or redo your test cuz your review is off by a long shot

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