Samsung Q80R vs 90R QLED Comparison – What's The Difference?

In this video we take a look at the Samsung Q80R and Q90R series 4k QLEDs side by side and talk about their differences.

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22 Replies to “Samsung Q80R vs 90R QLED Comparison – What's The Difference?”

  1. jshannon2k8

    At $2,000 more than the Q70r in the 75" size, I'm not seeing enough of a difference to justify that much of an increase. Maybe somewhere to the tune of $400-$500, but that is absurd. That is just Samsung playing off consumerism because there is no way the cost to manufacturer one is 2x more than the other.

  2. Ip Singh

    Samsung q80r is looking little bit more Brighter than Q90r but end of the story Both TVs perform Very Bad in Dark scenes Picture look over BLACK It's very disappointed to see with Samsung TVs those none for Brighter Picture Last year Samsung models are too good….

  3. truthx7

    i seen the q80 and q70 side by side at best buy.let me tell you, the q70 looked severely washed out in comparison.also, i compared the q80r and q90 side by side and they looked nearly identical in contrast and brightness your own research, the q80r destroys the q70

  4. Tucker Tuckingson

    Does it have USB3.0? Does it have gigabit lan?

    These are basic things Samsung has repeatedly missed from their top tier TVs for a while. I want to stream true 4k content across my network (10Gb) and my KS9000 can't handle that with its 100Mb LAN connection. I also cant put that content on USB, because the KS9000 doesnt have USB3 support… something that's been around for years now.

  5. Rob F

    I have mine on a wall, the connect box is nice because it’s not convenient to get behind the tv on the wall if you need to move cables .. much easier to have your gaming console, streaming devices, cable boxes etc etc .. plugged into a connect box down lower for easy access and then have one single cable which you don’t need to worry about going up to the tv.

  6. reviewfor thetube

    Pause at 2:16 and see they both have the same dark scene detail pause each scene you can pick out the details over YouTube if anything the q90r is dimming slightly more but for 96 zones the q80r is keeping up with the q90r well most of us want deeper blakcs alot of people are already upset about the native contrast slight reduction even tho Samsung found a way around it there is a side by side eof the q9fn up and you can see therenalmsot identical in black levels as the review said also that has that video up at av forums but yeah think about it 96 zones and viewing angles and your getting deep balcks most people want that man I get it isnt your preference but please many people like super deep blacks this is why everyone is so worried about buying the new ones when they shouldnt be

  7. reviewfor thetube

    Guys pause ea h dark scene even over yourube you can see the q80r has just as much detail in the dark scenes of course they had to make the q80r a little more aggresive to keep blacks deep it's still much more detail then the q80r and q90r last year this is the first guy I've ever heard that wants more detail in dark scenes on a TV with less zones the only way to do that is to lose our on black levels and light control like think about it I want deeper blacks with detail not lighter blacks with alot of detail

  8. reviewfor thetube

    Dude you guys have really gone downhill like you didnt talk about the image quality like the upscaling or the sharpness or clarity or the reduction in noise or how the response time is better or the brifhtness that's a big thing idk why anybody tests with test windows anymore as we all see kost TVs in content dont get as bright as test scenes but the q80r and q90r actually get brighter in real scene brightness meaning real content then last years q8fn and q9fn the q9fn couldnt get over 900 in real content and the q8fn couldnt get over 650 nits in real scene brightness meaning content and that's the brightness that matters so far the q90r has been tested to almost hit 1400 nits in real scene brifhtness that's amazing that's the brightest TV Samsung has come out with reason why it does get as brifht in test windows is because the ai processor ther eis no content running and the test window is just a black border with a white square so the local dimming is actually trying got dim the blacks around the white this is why it doesnt test as high on windows because of the AI processor and the new local dimming algorithm but aging real scene brightness is what matters this is why rtings still gave the q90r a higher score on brightness and then new uodsted filters actually make blacks lookd eeper then last year even with a slight loss in contrast the blacks still look deeper I talked to Samsung chief engeenerer and he explained exactly how they accomplished that so people thinking blacks arent as deep guess what they are I have both side by side to prove it I'm going to be making a video my first YouTube video on them and show the new image processing and the details difference and the local dimming algorithm and the new updates ultra black elite filter and the viewing angle filter sry about no periods my phone
    will not process me pressing it

  9. reviewfor thetube

    What's weird is over YouTube the q80r seems to have more detail in the dark scenes all I know is I saw more blooming on the q90r and that's very weird I think they had to make the q80r more aggressive then the q90r to keep the blacks deep and it makes sense with the lower amount if zones thank God they uses 96 zones in the new q80r that was a good idea and it works so well man I'm so shocked by the way it works and there is no lag like last year it goes straight to a bright scene without getting confused ans straight to a dark scene you dont see it dim slowly or brighten back up slowly and I'm really happy with the new sub pixel design it helps with everything glowing in the dark scenes from what I've seen like whites actually glow instead of dimming down like on the q8fn they do still dim but the whites have an oled glow to them it really helps with highlights even

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