Samsung Q7F QLED 4k Smart TV!Crucial tips you must know Get the picture quality you’re paying for?

If you own a samsung Q7F 4K TV or any of the Samsung 4k UHD TV’S??! This is a must watch video! In this short video I show you a feature that you must turn on to maximize your 4K picture! Thank you all for the support! I’m a new YouTube channel. Please bear with me through the growth struggles. The quality will continue to improve. I’m here for you all things technology. Questions or comments ask down below in the comment section. Or find me on Facebook @JBTechfanatic see you in the next video don’t forget to like and subscribe? you want to see this TV and action with the Xbox x Scorpio check out my new video here
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35 Replies to “Samsung Q7F QLED 4k Smart TV!Crucial tips you must know Get the picture quality you’re paying for?”

  1. tumu namegabe

    Hey brother, I bought this tv couple days ago and is not giving me the quality picture I was expecting. I've tried everything I could in the settings but nothing. Netflix and others stuff are fine but YouTube is not clear at all. I followed your instructions up to external device manager The game mode settings is showing not available. Please help me before I change my mind about this tv

  2. Justin S

    Would like your opinion. Should I buy this tv, or wait for the 2018 q7fn? I know it maybe a hard question as the new q7s are just now rolling out, but I guess that's why I cant decided! Lol! Thanks! Was looking at the 75 inch on both.

  3. Joey Cameron

    Just got the q7f.. I chose this over the Sony XBR75X900F.. changed all the settings you suggested and I’m still not overly impressed.. should I go for the Sony? Which do you think is better? Sony is 1k more but I’m not worried about that just want the best picture. Thanks

  4. - EyeAmDeJesus -

    Thanks for the videos and info man. Very Informative. So my question… if i set up my preferences totally different from a movie to game mode, or even local tv, will I have to constantly go back and forth in settings to change each thing? Or like if I turned on the ps4 pro will it read and make the changes automatically?

  5. Marc Aston

    Hi, great video. I was hoping you could help me. I have the q7 55inch version of this tv. I am using it for gaming and have the TV set to game mode etc. I’m finding that the tv does not handle fast moving side to side movement for games like fifa And call of duty. There seems to be slight distortion in the image as if it is not refreshing quick enough. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks

  6. jay300m04

    Excellent job I have one question. Can you please show us how to connect to our home WiFi through the one connect box? I keep trying and it won't work. I know my WiFi is working because my cell phones are all connected to them with no problem. Please help! Any help would be appreciated.

  7. john sparten

    Great video, thankyou for the upload. Right could you tell me the best settings for gaming please?
    Im forever messing with the settings and i dont really know what im doing. I use the gaming mode but ive been told this down grades the graphics so i dont understand why i would want to use this. Im forever adjusting the backlight and contrast, obviously with these two settings maxed it give a brighter picture but is this the best picture?
    Also one more thing, the tv has the hdmi black level option, now i read somewhere that this directly corrolates to the rgb "full" and "limited" setting in the ps4.
    I read that if the ps4 is in full mode then the tv black level should be set at normal?
    I will be getting the xbox x next week but in the mean time help me with the best settings. It is causing me the tv is epic and i am more than happy with it but i just want to ensure i am getting the best picture i can. Thankyou in advance

  8. Jb TechFanatic

    The Mu is a great tv. I know more size is fun but it shows more of the imperfections also. But the QLED will hands down give you a amazing picture that I don't believe can be matched by the mu. Especially in that size . The QLED also has much better blacks and zero flashlight effect from the lighting plus zero motion blur. I have owned and tested many t.v. and for whatever reason the picture on the QLED is blowing my mind just keeps getting better and better. Grab the 75 inch give it a shot you can always exchange it? if for any reason you are not happy. Thank you for you for your support be sure to hit that subscribe BUTTON if you don't mind? and most of all enjoy your new t.v. whatever you decide

  9. Jorge Mark

    Hello my friend I just bought the qled QN65Q7F, the picture is amazing but I discovered a problem, I'm using it on dynamic mode, the thing is that when in a scene the blacks appears, the tv losses brightness, then when the blacks disappears, the tv comes back and again is pretty clear, and this keeps happens on and on every time the scene has black colors and really bothers me. Do you know how to fix this? Thanks a lot for your help. By the way I change to standard mode and same thing happens.

  10. Jb TechFanatic

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