SAMSUNG Q60R, Q70R, Q80R, Q85R, Q90R & Q950R || 8K & 4K QLED TVsf

Wir präsentieren euch alle TV Neuheiten 2019 von Samsung inkl. den UHD Premium TVs ab der RU7100 Serie, den neuen 8K QLED Q950R, einen erstmaligen Blick auf die 4K QLED Modellreihen (Q90R, Q85R, Q80R, Q70R & Q60R) sowie die Lifestyle TVs “The Frame 2019” und “The Serif”.

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  1. reviewfor thetube

    I'm in the US and I have the q80r and I absolutely love it way way more then my q8fn nobody else noticed how shitty the image processing was on last years models I did this year holy crap they stepped it up so sharp and crisp everything is so much better the blacks are deep no matter what people want to think and now when everything dims they somehow found a way to keep the whites glowing the issue with local dimming on all faldnunits is everything usually gets flat like last year the whites sidnt glow they were very dull this year of course it dims them but they have a glow no other LCD does TV has like oled glow you know oled still looks lit when on a black scene with its whites well Samsung found a way to get that glow to happen and its beautiful everything is much much more 3 dimensional as you can even see in the demos that red flower jumps off the screen not because od over saturated colors either it's a kore accurate red yet has this crazy cool glow and pop to it and skin tones are natural instead of overblown in. Every scene on the q8fn it was like faces were over saturated with red hue and light on the face when with this TV it's much better the light is there only when light is around the person like as a reflection and then on regular scenes it's actually natural skin now much much better then the colors glow they all look great and all the colors are in the right places instead of spread across the whole screen the best way to describe this TV is beautiful bright crisp and colorful it's an amazing TV it has some of the best rhe best processing I've ever seen in a TV side by side with the 8k TV it looks like the same its crazy

  2. Artur

    some model of 43 "or 49"of 2019 that has a double triple tuner with PIP PAP and PAT functions to watch two channels at a time and that this function is implemented in a button of the remote control

  3. Shugar Daddy

    DivX and DTS codecs are not supported by the Samsung TV models released
    in 2019
     Samsung bleibt also dabei, DivX und DTS nicht zu unterstützen, was
    bereits ein Problem bei den 2018er TVs war. Selbst die Premium-Serie mit
    QLED-Technik ist nicht mit diesen Codecs zu haben. Leider ein
    Minuspunkt, den Samsung bei den ansonsten tollen Entwicklungen in 2019
    hier kassiert.

  4. Erazer360

    Was ist der Unterschied zwischen dem q90r 2019 und dem q9fn 2018? Überlege eher beim q9fn zuzuschlagen da dieser teilweise schon günstig zu erhalten ist.

  5. Stefan Dahlmann

    Leider alle Samsung 2019 UHD TV-Geräte ohne Dolby Vision HDR.
    Frage: Haben alle Geräte HDMI 2.1 Chipsätze an Board oder nur die QLED TVs? Haben alle TVs 100Hz Panel?
    Dieses würde mich interessieren.

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