Samsung Pay Works Where Apple Pay Doesn’t

The newest mobile payment system is now live on new Samsung Galaxy phones. WSJ’s Geoffrey A. Fowler goes on a San Francisco shopping spree.
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30 Replies to “Samsung Pay Works Where Apple Pay Doesn’t”

  1. Mr. P. Enis

    Well in Denmark we don't swipe our card and pretty much every store everywhere has NFC even the local ones, (it is rare that i actually have to put my card in the terminal to pay), so i'll just stick to my Android and use Google Pay

  2. Safa Safa

    This is cool but I'm still not sure if mobile devices are a secure device for PAY. What I Would do to make wireless Payment very very very secure is; imagine your income is 3000 dollar a month and you get one bank account. okay? the bank account you use on the phone must be a different account than the account where you get your wage etc, so a second bank account which is the same bank account to all clients of this bank to which you transfer money to use it (the standard bank account-but different name) on your phone or for online . your real bank account is not used on the phone or online payment etc. Does it make any sense?


    Love S Pay! Use it every day on my S3 or Note 8.
    People still freak over using my watch.
    I get stopped and asked if I just paid with my watch? It's so quick!

  4. Jogialige

    In 2018, in Germany, we don‘t have this problem anymore. A new law says, that every retailer needs to have a contactless terminal, when he offers paying by debit or creditcard.

  5. Auss1e

    Pretty much every merchant in Australia accepts contactless payments such as PayPass, PayWave and mobile payments. It's really nothing new to us. Why hasn't America gotten into the habit of inserting chip cards and tapping them as well while other countries have had it for years?

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