Samsung One UI: What about the software?

Samsung will unveil it’s Galaxy S10 lineup tomorrow, running the new “One UI” software. One UI is built on top of Android Pie and is cleaner and easier to use. In this week’s Processor, Dieter dives into the perks and drawbacks of One UI.

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41 Replies to “Samsung One UI: What about the software?”

  1. Zach T

    To me, Samsung always tries to do everything at once. And it tries to be the first company to take a new innovation to market, even if it could use more time. And low key I’m surprised many companies are still using Android interface at all. Like, say what you will about Apple, but they have the upper hand when it comes to integration because they’re built for each other

  2. Kim Griffiths

    Really loving the One UI and I'm actually using the swipe gestures which I never thought in a million years I would like.
    Also love the "Night mode" and February's update made it so you can timetable when the "Night mode" switches on (and off) ie: Sunrise to Sunset…or Custom (or you can leave it on all of the time), it really is cool.
    Linked up with Samsungs own browser with "Dark mode" switched on and you can save yourself a lot of eye strain and battery life.
    Who knows, maybe calling it "One UI" means that it'll be uniform across all of Samsungs latest devices and hopefully that will help big updates come much more quickly. 🙏🏼

  3. Kevin Dane

    What is that about all the hype with stock Android? Yes, stock Android is clean and neat, but also boring at best. What's wrong with the Samsung's customization, as long as they are very useful and does not cost the device's smoothness, unless you put a Pixel and a Galaxy side by side?
    So is it 'stock Android is the best' your mantra now?

  4. Rok Končina

    If only they'd speed up the update process… I love their hardware and their software was quite good, I just didn't like how they forced some of their "core" apps that I didn't really need.

  5. Mark

    People really need to understand how software updates work. I am a software developer so I understand what most average people (including this verge editor) don't understand. You can't compare Samsung phone update speed with Google phone update speed like that. When Google develops a new Android update (which takes about a year), it also develops its phone skin (or experience) along with it so Google has almost a year to work on its skin. Compare to that Samsung taking couple months to update its software (and there are a lot of Samsung features on their phones) and more importantly testing it is more than reasonable. Afterall, Samsung can't just slap on Google update on its phones without modification and test. More important updates such as security update on Samsung phones are fast. They update their security every month.

  6. Rodney Allen

    Samsung doesn't copy and has it's own identity

    Copies everyone with phone assistant that's a million times worse than Google and Siri.

    Pixel phones having a skin….No those are just apps….

    what is this guy talking about?

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