SAMSUNG ONE UI First Look on Galaxy S9!

Samsung released its One UI Beta and Android Pie to the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ today and we’ve got it up and running! This is our first look and tour of Samsung’s biggest Android skin update in some time. It also could be their best.

Instructions on how to download Samsung One UI Beta:

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42 Replies to “SAMSUNG ONE UI First Look on Galaxy S9!”

  1. Pavle Berak

    It's a shit update! They got rid of a LOT of options in all aps, stupid iPhone look with an old cheap Huawei icons skin. The idea that everything is more reachable if it's on the bottom of the screen tells me that the engineers at Samsung are imbecil kids who use their phone with 2 tiny hands.

  2. Duško's Reef

    It's disgraceful! Who cares about icons!
    How stupid you need to be not to put record button on camera?!
    This is just so outrageous!
    And no words from Samsung when they going to fix this nonsense.
    Most valuable feature of s9+ is camera pro mode and it's NOT AVAILABLE ANYMORE!!!!!!!

    ….in the meantime you all talk about stupid icons? Wth dude?!

  3. banstaman

    The disjointed lines for the icons [that showed up with the S8] looked way better. These icons just look cheap. Also one ui is a waste of space. What good is having a big screen when everything is shoved to the bottom? Also, with Samsung Health and a ton of other apps; instead of having buttons at the top that are easily accessible, they moved the options into a hamburger menu… Which is still at the top of the screen! This update just cheapens the look of these phones.

  4. M N

    Now you can't just long press the icon on the left navigation button to use multi windows and choose which app to use, that's so inconvenient

  5. Sygamor

    My notifications are not working. I have all notification settings turned on yet none of my notifications appear on my lock screen or on the status bar. I'm getting pretty mad. Other than that it's been a decent update but I need to know how to get my notifications back. Some say its AOD but I dont want to get rid of such a great feature.

  6. InterStorm

    You guys just hate change. At first I wasn't a big fan either, but after using it for awhile, it has really grown on me. It's my favourite Android skin for sure (besides stock).

  7. Jason Harvey

    My girlfriend just update her S9 to One UI and the only real gripe she has is that her Samsung Calendar app no longer seems to show the lines or boxes representing days. Is there a way in the settings to bring this back. I'm not sure and I don't have that issue on my Pixel 2 rocking everything Google. I told her to consider downloading Google calendar but is there a way through Samsung if she is reluctant to download more apps.

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