Samsung NU7100 vs NU7400 mainstream UHD TV comparison

In this video, I am comparing two Samsung mainstream 2018 TVs from series 7 – NU7100 and NU7400. Which one is better for movies, which for HDR, which for gaming – check answers and more in this video.

Unboxing of NU7100:
Unboxing of NU7400:

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24 Replies to “Samsung NU7100 vs NU7400 mainstream UHD TV comparison”

  1. Simas P

    I'd like to ask is if this TV has a problem with subtitles changing brightness in HDR mode, e.g. when watching "The haunting of hill house" on Netflix. I was considering buying nu8000, but I changed my mind when I found out that it has a massive brightness fluctuation with HDR (see here: I was hoping that this TV would not have this issue because it doesn't have local dimming. This is a big problem and there are dozens of examples on youtube. This problem affects q6fn, nu800p, q7fn, and some even say that it affects higher end models, but it seems to be worst on the lower end models because of poor edge lit panels+locsl dimming.

    I'm beginning to think that nu7100/7400 may also be affected because you mentioned that overall brightness does fluctuate in games. Could you try a dark HDR movie with subtitles and see if this tv is also affected?

  2. nickblattfilms

    Hi Darko! Thanks for the video. I have a question. I use my playstation for all of my video and gaming content, so I'm looking for high fidelity with low lag… Game mode adds a weird EQ/filter on the audio on the NU7100, so I can't use that for accurate sound. On the other hand, I don't know how to approach a correct color balance in PC mode with the 2 point while balance. Any ideas on how to handle this? Thanks!

  3. BoatLoadOfSeamen

    How did RTINGS measure 5400:1 contrast ratio on the 7100 which is in line with any other 2018 Samsung VA tv and almost double of what your unit measures? I can't believe the difference is that large from unit to unit.

  4. Jacek Drzewiecki

    Hi thanks for review. Just got NU7472 Tv and picture quality is very good ecxept for HDR on PS4Pro (havent tried other sources) . Hdr on games looks very dim and lacks contrast and its much worse than SDR content, just like it has no point in using it. Tried do put PS4 on limited mode or mess with Hdmi levels but only thing that was working in some way was changin contrast enhancer on high in hdr mode. But i dont think thats proper way to use it. I know this tv cant show trued HDR brightness buy i would to see at least HDR mode a bit better than SDR mode 🙂 Cheers

  5. Vo Hung

    I wonder between 55 inch NU7100 and NU7400. I just use TV for watching football and movies online. Simple Remote is ok with me. I just wonder the quality between of them. Please help me !

  6. Frank White

    Hello. I watched your interesting review video. Thank you. I bought the 7400 one, 65 inches. I also noticed that the brightness is not among its "pros" points, even though it's good for several others feautures. So, if I got it right, a good way to fix its "lack" in terms of brightness is using the TV in a dark room. Is that correct? Thank you.

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