Samsung MU7000/ MU8000 4K HDR TV Unboxing + Settings

We unbox the Samsung MU7000 (otherwise sold as the MU8000 in the USA) 4K HDR TV, and explain the picture settings in the user menu.

Interestingly, the [Brightness] control on 2017 Samsung TVs doesn’t adjust the black level clipping point, but alters near-black gamma.

Our specific review sample was the 55-inch Samsung UE55MU7000.

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20 Replies to “Samsung MU7000/ MU8000 4K HDR TV Unboxing + Settings”

  1. Deepak Dhanraj

    I bought tv and i tried to login my samsung account and even i tried to create a new but msg popup with the error code 129 and its written unable to connect to samsung server pls some solution……

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