Samsung MU6300 4K UHD TV – Hands On Review


We’re consistently impressed with Samsung’s TV lineup, and even the company’s entry-level options, like the MU6300 series, are well worth your consideration. If you want a 4K HDR TV without breaking the bank, the Samsung MU6300 may be the television you’ve been looking for.

The MU6300 is a handsome TV. Though not as flashy as some of Samsung’s other models, the MU6300’s steel gray bezel and stand are clean and simple, and should easily blend in with just about any home theater aesthetically, though the stand is fairly wobbly, so you should look into a safety strap.

With noticeably superior picture quality to non-4K TVs, to a very easy to use Smart TV OS, the MU6300 series is a solid buy.


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30 Replies to “Samsung MU6300 4K UHD TV – Hands On Review”

  1. El matatan

    TV is trash.
    Only lasted a year and 3 months (Have receipt from Dec 2017)
    Already has dead pixels (small squares appear out of nowhere)
    Have to pay $60 just for a diagnostic. And will find out how much it is to repair.

  2. ShaiyaSin1

    Just find out that Canada BestBuy sold the MU6070, which is a variant of the MU6300 TV, but "It's a variant of the Samsung MU6300 series", – "The MU6290 series has slight design changes and lack of Bluetooth." . Which is true. Not BT and minus AV ports. I'm impress which this TV, but BT would be nice.

  3. Malik Fortenberry

    I Bought This TV Recently, Well To Be Honest I'm Leasing It Through Rent A Center I Got It Brand New. So Far Here's What I Noticed The Stand Is Wobbly If You Are Clumsy Or May Have Kids Running In Your Living Space. I Live Alone In An Apartment I Have No Issues With The Wobbliness I Wouldn't Let That Stop You. In This Video The Person Tells You To Turn The Picture Settings To Movie Mode For Most Accurate Picture Set. In My Own Usage I Find That If You Want The Most Accurate Picture Use The Standard Mode, Movie Mode Gives An Warm Looking Picture Which Isn't The Most Accurate. Far As Consumption I Watch Netflix, YouTube & Light Gaming. From What I Seen This TV Does It All. I Like It For It Being My Entry Into 4K Ultra HD TVs. You Can Find The 55" Inch At Best Buy For Around $600-700 It's Worth The Money. Since I'm Leasing It I'm However Paying +300 More. But In Conclusion This TV Is Amazing I Love It Couldn't Be More Impressed. Just Wanted To Drop A Review From The Everyday Average Consumer.

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