33 Replies to “Samsung LED TV 46 Screen Problem 2”

  1. ddraguti

    I have very negative experience with Samsung Smart tvs, the first one broke after 18 months of use (lower half of the display darkened significantly). After 3 months of repair time (way out of allowed repair limit) the tv was being replaced with a new one as it was reported within the warranty period, luckilly. Now the other tv given have similar screen problem after 24 months of use. As if the screen had spit some darker spots all over the display making it ugly to watch. The picture quality deteriorates a lot. Now, should I get another Samsung?

  2. mohamed masmoudi

    Same here. Same lines on the screen for no reasons. The is a 40 inch screen smart Tv 3D bought it for almost 2K about 3 years ago.  Is upgrading the firmware really works ?  let me know because is not that easy,  I would have to borrow a PC for Samsung doesn't want to share the firm ware with mac user ! fun, hein !!! 

  3. Roman Vögler

    hy guys, i've just found this "thread". my UE46C8700 (bought 08/2010) shoes similar troubles… my hole picure is running vertical over the screen… I've ordered the motherboard as a spare part… looking forward to fix it. at the moment it is disassambled on the living room floor 🙁 . giving an update when the motherboard arrives….

  4. William Holbrook

    My Samsung 46 inch led tv had same problem with vertical lines, i fixed it by calling out the samsung tech support guys and the changed the screen for $100, now ican play games and watch tv peacefully !! 🙂

  5. callesman

    The motherboard was replaced 3 months after we bought the 46 inch LED Samsung TV. Now less than 3 years, the screen are all vertical lines. We got nowhere with local Samsung office. I read that Samsung settled a US lawsuit related to these kind of problems. Wish we can do start something like that to flight this kind of inresponsible giant corporation. Personally we will never buy any Samsung products again.

  6. Martin Satterthwaite

    Have the same issue on my 55" Samsung LED series 7, except the lines are vertical. Samsung repair guys came out changed the motherboard, but still the same. They claim the screen itself is busted, not sure how, worked one day, dead the next…How can the panel break? Did you guys find a way to replace it, without having to forkout a new TV?

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