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  1. Nimal Perera

    When the power supply board is disconnected from the main board and checked with AC on, I can find 5V on the standby as per what is printed on the board, but cannot find the 24V in the adjoining socket. What is the reason for this? Anything to do with the bridge rectifier? Thanks, in advance, for any advice.

  2. Lots Of Squats

    I have a question do any of you guys know were I can get a UN55MU7000FXZA BN94-11956R
    Main board for a 4K smart TV Samsung?
    I’m willing too pay someone too help me find this board so I can fix my TV

  3. Jay Bee

    Ive seen alot of these videos and in most cases its like get to the damn point. Your video wasn't like the rest which was koo… From my experiences and just having nothing better to do, if you grew up not having all the money in the world and things broke; for most that's how you learn to become a handy man. So for the people on here watching these type of videos and say "its because of these videos that gave you the push to jump in and trying to fix it yourself " i 👏 applaud you guys that's all it takes . To be honest 7 times out of 10 of all the tv's i fix here and there, its really only the Capacitor's and the ribbon cables that go bad and its really easy to fix those. As long as the lcd monitor or l.e.d's are not broken then usually what i just stated are usually the culprits.. If your an unlucky one it might be something a lil more but like i said if it isn't the screen or lights its easy to fix these things.. I got sick of seeing and hearing how people get ripped off for a fix that really was only a 5$ fix but getting charged about 100 then an additional 60 to "order" a part smh.. Good luck to all of you who are trying to roll on your own to fix your stuff don't get bamboozled by con artists.. Good video too!

  4. islandgirl318

    My UN60JU7100F wont power on. I have two black cable sets coming out of power board. Removing blk set that goes to mother board from power board does not turn on back lights. Removing blk set that goes to Tcon board does light the back lights. Also removing the two whitish ribbon cables at bottom of Tcon board turns on the back lights. What do you think ? Thanks in advance.

  5. STILLthePILLAR ][+

    Good afternoon sir. I am currently diagnosing a samsung plasma with exact same symptoms caused by lightning. Disconnected cable from power to main board and back light did not come on. Do plasma's have back lights? Also, I located standby prong on cable from power to main board. Showed 5.28 volts. No other prong gave reading. I know this is a mouthful but wondering if you have any idea from what I'v told you that wont take too much time out of your day to explain. Thanks again in advance.

  6. JGKnearLAX

    I have a similar TV, 46", 550 series Samsung (LN46A550P3FXZA) and the problem is that it struggles with startup…this has been going on for about a year and most people would have given up a long time ago. – The TV chimes when "on" is pressed (on remote) but nothing shows. After several seconds it tries again, chimes and so on. Sometimes there can be a hideous noise and sometimes nothing…
    I have noticed that temperature in the room is important – if cold, TV may never manage to startup, but if fairly warm, it will startup after some time. And then when running, there are no problems…
    We recently decided to get an LG 65" "ThinQ" but this machine, as it turned out, just reminded us how amazingly stellar the Samsung was, so we returned it and we started using the Samsung again. Now, after having stood idle on the floor for a couple of days, it still had startup problems, but much shorter, maybe 15 minutes whereas previously it had struggled for up to 90 minutes…and also, after stabilizing, it really is "stabilized" whereas before it might, if temperature has cooled in room, snap back into the hideous noise and scrambled screen state again…
    So I'm wondering what's going on – after warm and stable, it runs flawlessly and picture quality on this 11 year old machine is so great, that you'd have to go to QLED or OLED to surpass it…so I'd like to "save" it…and I'm wondering, what is this "warm up struggle" all about…? – …can I fix it…?
    Part of the story is also that after about 5.5 years, the TV suffered another, similar, but not identical, startup problem. But that time, Samsung put in place a program whereby a technician would come and fix it in your home (for free), even though warranty had run out…very nice of Samsung. But this is eleven years and Best Buy just wants to sell you another TV, not assist with "fixing" an old set….(and I'm beginning to wonder if it is at all possible to make 4K TVs that equal or surpass 2K machines….the LG certainly didn't)

  7. 954ironman

    Thank you for your video extremely helpful I’ve got similar problem with my TV Samsung UE55F8000ST.
    I’m trying to find out which board I’m having a problem with. Is it the power board or the main board so I followed what you have done in video. I plugged it in And disconnected the cable from the power board connected to the main board it should have to trigger the back light to come on but I am getting the back lights come on and off on and off not constantly on so I am confused please help thanks

  8. William James Rapp

    THANKS — a few years ago ( maybe 3 ) I purchased a 56" Samsung TV which had been a DISPLAY model at a store ( probably had been on 24/7/365 until they reboxed it to sell it ) . Purchased it cheap — It lasted until just a few months after the warrantee expired — I was watching it and part of the screen started to go dark then the whole screen just went dark in about a minutes time. It has been siting in the other room for the last year now. After watching a few of these videos I think I might try and tackle trying to fix it. I have no idea what is wrong but I guess I can at least open it and see.

  9. homie789

    Your diagnose was good but you stopped to early. There is a mosfet on the board that you should have checked, it is for the power of the main chip that shorts. Just check for the legs to short and if it is shorted change it, you can get 10 of them for $5 and a lot of Tv's all use the same or very close.

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