SAMSUNG LE32R87BD repair. tv tries to start but tv does not start just light power turns on and off

the problem was 9 pieces. capacitor in main board
you can find a lot. how to repair the TV. radio code.
how to remove radio code. you can download tv software. eeprom radio and many more

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  1. Sasha Kupetsky

    Changed just two big caps 1000mkFx16v and installed a new clean memory 24c256, but no luck. Should I change the other 7 caps? My intuition tells me not to. I heated the area, but tv did not start. 🙁 Any suggestions appreciated.

  2. Juan Antonio

    Capacitor capacitor change the capacitor capacitor capacitor change the capacitor. X2 x3 x4 capacitor. Pareces tonto nano. Yo he cambiado todos los condensadores y sigue fallando. Es el chip de video . Los condensadores no tienen nada que ver. Ahorrense el tiempo está no es la solución

  3. o25 s25

    Hi, can you please help? When I heated the capacitors, the TV finally turned on, but no clear blue screen. What I got was kind of a blackish/blueish screen with some vertical and horizontal lines accross it. Do you think it is the same problem combined with something else? My TV is LE32R86BD here are some photos of what my TV looks like:

  4. Karel Beran

    Good Job!!! I have another, but maybe a similar problem with my Samsung LE32R87BD. I can turn it on with a "ring tone" but screen doesnt comes blue or starts screening a TV, its just shine dark screen without any pictures or screen lines but with sounds of TV, PC, or PS4 from the background. PLEASE GIVE ME TIP WHAT COULD BE WRONG, THANK YOU SOO MUCH! K.

  5. Steve Harris

    Grazie a questo video , ho potuto risolvere un problema che mi assillava da circa un anno, il tv in questione e un samsung LE23R86BDX-XEC, Il difetto e uguale, sostituiti i 9 condensatori il problema è stato risolto; Un GRAZIE riconoscente a questo GRANDE Centro Assistenza

  6. Prison Life

    Your videos are great
    And very informative .

    Ps can you reply to my GM050011229208 message I posted on on of your videos and I sent you links to the 2 videos that I share publicly on Facebook

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