Samsung Jet75: A Hygiene Solution for Your Home

Jet75 is lightweight but heavy-duty when it comes to cleaning.
With intense suction power, a multi-cyclonic air filtration system and a removable battery for a longer run time, it makes cleaning easier and more enjoyable.
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34 Replies to “Samsung Jet75: A Hygiene Solution for Your Home”

  1. plan je

    – nothing Dyson in home or yes
    – how loud is the thing
    (Dyson is like you are on airport and the one boeing 747 take off)
    – car ?????????????
    – home and car not done seems to me
    someone in my family have bought Dyson
    – sometimes I come there : where you are busy awake whole city or what
    – or this : so so nice busy all city must known you are vacuuming home
    – thrown that in garbage buy a like a women one Miele quiet like exist not
    – at finally done

  2. mia 3

    This is a great upgrade for a vacuum. Hope they will also invent where it wont only vacuum but disinfect the floor with a blue light or something and that would be cool.

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