Samsung Infinity Flex Display announcement (FULL)

SAMSUNG has officially unveiled its prototype folding smartphone.

The Apple rival has been working on the gadget for years, but it was made official at this week’s Samsung Developer Conference.

The handset is supposed to bridge the gap between smartphones and tablets, and could revolutionise mobile design forever.

The technology is described as an Infinity Flex Display – in the form of a tablet that packs down to smartphone size.

It’s got a large 7.3-inch screen (as rumoured) that’s nearly an inch bigger than the heftiest Apple handset, the iPhone XS Max.

And up to three separate apps will be able to run simultaneously…

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34 Replies to “Samsung Infinity Flex Display announcement (FULL)”

  1. Micke

    Gah, why do they make every new phone so big? I remember the good days when Nokia 8850 was new! What a phone!! Small and you can use it with one hand! I apreciate the new tech Samsung invents! That is really nice! But i dont want a brick in my hand or in my pocket! Btw Apple sucks! 😛

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