Samsung Gear Fit 2 with iPhone: BIG UPDATE [December 2017] compatibility

A big update for the Samsung Gear Fit 2 for iPhone users with several new features and tweaks.
Links to Amazon:
– (Gear Fit 2 large)
– (Gear Fit 2 small)

This is not a sponsored review (I purchased the Gear Fit 2 myself), but if you’re interested in buying one, please show some love and click on the Amazon links above 🙂

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29 Replies to “Samsung Gear Fit 2 with iPhone: BIG UPDATE [December 2017] compatibility”

  1. Kamakiri Sassorichan

    I just received my Gear Fit 2 Pro and was DEVASTATED to only now discover that 1) there is no compatibility with OS X (like, none) and it won't work on my iPad Mini either. Before I pack it up and send it back: is it even necessary to have some mobile app to have the watch function? I have a FitBit Blaze and I rarely use any of the apps associated with it except to do a time reset very three or four months.

    But what am I going to do with this thing if it doesn't have ANY apps to rescue it? I have an iPhone 5 but I don't want to bother trying to download anything if it is not going to work.

    What a rip! It's definitely designed to exclude Apple users.

    (Update: it appears to work with my iPhone 5. But in this day and age, it's scandalous that it doesn't work with OS X . . . there are plenty of us here who still use computers, believe it or not!!! Not everyone walks around with a a cell phone plastered to their foreheads).

  2. AR Media

    Anyway to control Spotify on your phone when playing? I know you can skip from the music screen but would be awesome if you could select songs and playlists like with offline play. On iPhone as well. Thanks for the awesome videos man!

  3. Chris Chan

    I can’t believe how useless gear pro 2 is with iPhone 10 using my fitness pal. The 2 apps (Samsung health) does not talk to each other. It does not sync!! Returning this and using Polar A370 which talks to all under Armour apps and iPhone.

  4. David Nicholls

    Hello, Firstly I appreciate the time you have taken to create the videos, they are excellent.
    Based on your reviews I have purchased a Gear fit 2 (GF2) on the 15th Jan 2018. I don't not have a Android phone. I am an Apple user, Mac, iPad, iPhone 6.
    I have a Spotify account and would like to download a playlist to the GF2. Unfortunately after looking on the web for details on how to do this, I have been unsuccessful in getting it work.
    I have the Spotify app on the GF2 when I updated the latest release software. Can you point to a link or provide me with the information to enable my GF2 to work with Spotify.

  5. Justin Hendy

    I have a Samsung Gear Fit 2 but it won't sync with the standalone Samsung Health app. According to the app FAQ it only supports the Gear Fit 2 Pro on the iOS platform. How did you manage to get it to work with yours?

  6. Moe

    hi thank for the video , it's really very helpful, can you help me on one thing, whats the use of Wifi in gear fit 2, as i never get any notification on my watch, even though both the device are connected to same network.i am using iphone

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