Samsung Galaxy Watch Review: The Smartwatch That Does (Almost) Everything

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In a sea of Gear Fit 2s and Apple Watch Series 4s and … whatever Casio is calling its latest, the name “Samsung Galaxy Watch” has the double advantage of simplicity and the esteem of the Galaxy brand, which we haven’t seen on a smartwatch since 2013. But such a dramatic re-naming usually signals a very different product – and different this is not. I’m MrMobile and this is the Samsung Galaxy Watch review.



MrMobile’s Samsung Galaxy Watch Review video was produced following several weeks with a 46mm Bluetooth-edition Galaxy Watch review device provided by Samsung. The device was used with a BlackBerry KEY2 on T-Mobile US. This video was sponsored by LastPass.


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36 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy Watch Review: The Smartwatch That Does (Almost) Everything”

  1. Bill Overbeck

    Not having Google play music is a deal breaker for me. Strange that it doesn't since the new galaxy phones ships with it as the default music player and Samsung shutting down their milk music in favor of it. I'm not paying 10$ for Spotify each month when I've already got 30 000 of my songs uploaded to Google music for free…

  2. no thanks

    Interesting trade-off. Battery that lasts 4-5 days, but takes 2hours to charge up. My Ticwatch E only lasts about a day, but gets a full charge in about 10 minutes.

  3. Matt Gerhard

    Awesome comprehensive review. I bought the watch based on this review alone. Everything you Identified as a pro was what I wanted, and the cons you identified I liked as well and decided I was not concerned with them (such as samsung slow by design) but was glad to know about going into it. Thanks for a detailed and well executed review. I love the watch. it is a major upgrade from my moto 360. have had it a week now. its fantastic.

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