47 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S9+ Unboxing!”

  1. andymate2006

    I was hoping you would get that knife and stab the phone. I would after what Samsung’s customer service did to me when my 4 month old GS8 plus phone just stopped working. Took it down to the Samsung service centre. Waiting a few days and they called me. They accused me of damaging my phone and told me it has water damaged. I went to the service agent and all they did was point to a few tiny scratches and told me I had to pay $400 to get the phone fixed. The story goes on.

  2. David Webster

    I agree: Justine, it's your channel, but this unboxing video is pretty underwhelming, not much for the viewer to learn here. Perhaps more technical details about the phone, perhaps speak about what other companies match up closely with it. Any history about Samsung leading up to this point, etc. Good luck!

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