Samsung Galaxy S9 | S9+ | S9 Note – 15 Tips, Tricks & Hidden Features

Out of all these Samsung Galaxy S9 | S9+ | S9 Note, 15 Tips, Tricks & Hidden Features, which was your favourite one? AND do you think the Samsung Galaxy S10 will have better features?

Here are all the 15 Tips, Tricks, Hidden Features and Hacks I covered.
1) Pop-up windows
2) Edge Screen Notifications
3) Instant Paired Split Screen Apps
4) Finger Sensor Gestures
5) Custom Folders & Colours
6) Small Screen Gesture
7) Secure Folders
8) Floating Camera Shutter Button
9) Left & Right Handed Mode
10) Multi Select in Gallery to Delete
11) Toggling open apps, Thumbnail & List view.
12) Pin Apps
13) Landscape Mode
14) GIF Making
15) Dual Bluetooth




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30 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S9 | S9+ | S9 Note – 15 Tips, Tricks & Hidden Features”

  1. Hayls World

    So which was your favourite one guys?? 😁😁😁
    For anyone who also maybe has the Samsung Galaxy S7, S8 or a device with Android Oreo, I'm pretty sure some of these will work for you too. EEEP Thanks so much for watching guys 🤗💖🙌

  2. Chi Chi

    Hello ,I have a question please can I have the galaxy skin from your Samsung (tab s4 or note 9) if you haven’t redeemed it yet (it is an exclusive skin for a game called fortnite )i don’t have the money to buy the phone so ,maybe You aren’t interested in the skin so that I could get it please 🙏🏾The only thing i would have to give you is my data then you have to download the game fortnite and go to log in but on the PlayStation sign .This would mean so much to me Thanks 🙏🏾

  3. Special K

    I have just recently upgraded to an S9+, your video is super helpful! 🌸
    Where did you get the cover from on the phone you used in the video? Sparkly silver glitter, I need a pretty cover.

  4. Maiyce.

    I recently got the S9, so I've been watching a lot of tips/tricks/hidden features videos. I have to say, yours is the best! You have mentioned/shown things no other video I have come across has. Thanks for the great, helpful video! 😊

  5. Pounakum Chawang

    New subscriber here. I was just amazed with your Samsung Galaxy S9+ vivid review so I subscribed your channel. I didn't usually subscribed random channel but I only did when it satisfy my needs. Looking forward for more content

  6. MoonPower

    Hey! I had a question. I don't have the Instagram sticker feature (like polls and questions and that stuff) on my Instagram account. I already tried to delete and download Instagram again, i reported it 5 times and they still did NOTHING about it. If i am searching for a solution i can only find how you need to fix in on IPhones and i have an Android. So, can you make a video how you need to fix that on Instagram for Android??💙🙃

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