Samsung Galaxy S8 vs iPhone 6S – Speed Test! (4K)

Samsung Galaxy S8 vs iPhone 6S speed test. iPhone 6S from 2015 goes one on one against the beast Galaxy S8. Epic Speed test battle.

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49 Replies to “Samsung Galaxy S8 vs iPhone 6S – Speed Test! (4K)”

  1. Light Spreading

    I am a heavy Samsung user, never had a proper Iphone before. Now i have an SE temporarily. Is it just me or the se screen is so much clearer then samsung s7 inspite of the lower resolution? This is strange…

  2. Dev !

    this is unfair when u test the latest samsung and iphone 6s that is older than the samsung, what about with the iphone 7 or 8 maybe? iphone 7 would be faster than iphone 6s and samsung just nothing

  3. Heartione XoXo

    I like both iPhone brands and I have a galaxy s8 because I just like it better but it really annoys me that people are fighting over which phone is better OMG does anyone in this comment section know what an opinion is???

  4. MOHD

    People need to stop saying that resolution is slowing down the s8. It has nothing to do with resolution you retards. You can switch the resolution on the s8 to lower and it'll be the same in performance.

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